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By Brent Pella

A look at a few trending topics in the NBA community as the lockout season continues through winter:

“Good Lo’dy wo’dy / I just took more shots than Kobe”

Big Sean didn’t need to search too far to find a metaphor with the word ‘shot’ involved.

Kobe Bryant’s shooting habits are one of the most talked about caveats of the Lakers squad this season. Bryant has taken 292 shots through 12 games so far this season, and averages a Jordanesque 24.3 attempts per game. People continue to bash his shooting, while others say it’s the only way L.A. can score.

Fortunately for this argument, numbers don’t lie.



By Will Robinson

Last night, I checked out the Western Conference Finals. Oklahoma City completely owned the first 43 minutes of the game, up 15, looking like they would assuredly have another game on their home court, possibly to win the series and book their first trip to the NBA Finals since they were in Seattle (sorry, Sonics fans). But they couldn’t do it.