The SACK Lunch Team

You can contact us at thesacklunchblog@gmail.com.

The SACK Lunch was founded on February 10, 2010 by Will Robinson and Evan Ream.

Will Robinson has been a fan of the NFL and his Denver Broncos since watching John Elway take on the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. He follows the NFL around the year, hoping his Broncos don’t sign anymore Lamont Jordans or trade away more Peyton Hillises.

Evan Ream, a devoted Packers fan, is also an MLS junkie, and a fan of DC United. He finished 326th in Fantasy MLS, and has memorized 95% of the lyrics of Clint Dempsey’s aka Deuce’s rap “Don’t Tread”.

Nick Gallaudet is a die hard Oakland A’s fan, and eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball.  Football has its own little place in his heart, too, but he’s tired of having that heart broken by his Colts and Oregon State Beavers.

Dylan Jamaal Davis is a fan of his home state Pittsburgh Steelers, but his heart lies in the College Game. Every Saturday, unless he has to coach soccer, Jamaal is typically glued to the TV, waiting for the next upset to occur.

Russell Jordan is a die hard Cowboys, Dodgers and Sac Kings fan. Living in NorCal, his favorite teams made him the outcast amongst local kids. So they hated him, because he could take it, he is a true fan, a sports enthusiast…a Dark Knight

Brent Pella played basketball at UC Santa Cruz before transferring to UC Santa Barbara, where he currently works for the newspaper and radio station. He has nightmares of being dunked on by Blake Griffin.

Kyle Mohr is the intern. Yep.

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