Monday Lunch: Why Spain’s Demolition of the USMNT Might Be the Best Thing That Could Have Happened

Posted: June 6, 2011 in professional sports, soccer, sports, usmnt
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By Evan Ream


Spain beat USA 4-0 Saturday. It could have been 10-0 and the disgrace would have been just the same. For the first time since I have been watching the USMNT (since 2005), they were outclassed in every single facet of the game. If that wasn’t enough, no one on the USA side seemed to even care; they sleepwalked through the entire game. USA was absolutely terrible, and it was the best thing that could have happened to them.


Imagine a scenario much like the one in the Confederations Cup semifinal when USA beat Spain. Back in 2009, USA won their game and then went into the Brazil game overconfident and blew a two-goal lead in less than 45 minutes. If USA had gotten a result against Spain this time two things could have happened:


Less likely scenario: USA gets a result and gains confidence and plays with a lot of confidence and a little desire en route to their 5th Gold Cup title.


More likely scenario: USA goes out and says to themselves, “We got a result against Spain, and were only playing (insert CONCACAF team X)” and gets upset. This may not have happened in the group stage, but it likely would have happened when it mattered, in the knock out rounds.


This is all purely speculation, but you can see those scenarios happening, right?


Now since USA lost 4-0 and were completely outclassed all day, I can only imagine one scenario happening: USA go out like a pissed off Keyser Soze and absolutely tear apart everything and everyone in their way to prove that they’re a top side. 2-0 isn’t good enough. USA put up a couple of four and five spots against some smaller teams and puts in a convincing performance against Mexico in the final.


Once again, this could very well not happen, but you can imagine it right?


When was the last time USA played with the passion to prove their doubters wrong? I believe it came in the World Cup where they played some of the best soccer ever seen by USMNT supporters. I think the talk about the USMNT jumping the shark that happened after the Spain game is completely wrong and uncalled for. Don’t believe me? Tune in on Tuesday to see USA beat Canada 5-0.


Note: this month with the Gold Cup happening, I will be shifting away from MLS as I don’t think I can watch enough games to provide good enough commentary.


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