By Evan Ream

According to reports out of France (via Jen Chang) Paris Saint-Germain of Ligue 1 are interested in putting together a bid for Clint Dempsey this summer. Would this be a good move for him? Let’s look at the pros and cons:


Champions League – With three games left, PSG are in fourth place, just 2 points out of a Champions League spot with a game in hand; however they might not make it as they still have to play Lille (currently in first place), Saint-Etienne (eighth), and Bordeaux (11th) while third place Lion play Caen (14th) and Monaco (18th). If PSG were to finish third, then Dempsey would see at least two Champions League games with likely more because they would enter at the play-off round, just one round away from the group stage. If PSG were to finish in fourth however, they would be placed in the Europa League playoff round (three rounds ahead of where Fulham should be assuming they are in based on fair play). Regardless of what happen, Dempsey would automatically be on a team advanced farther in European play.

Different Style of Play – Ligue 1 is obviously a different league than the EPL. Though Dempsey wouldn’t necessarily change as player playing somewhere else, the influence that a new league would bring could be good, then again it could be bad, forcing Dempsey into bad habits. This is one of the things you never really know: how a player will adjust to a certain league.

Setting a precedent – This doesn’t really have as much to do with Dempsey as it does other players who will follow in his footsteps. Right now, there isn’t really an American influence in Ligue 1 (unless you count Carlos Bocanegra). If Dempsey were to go and light up Ligue 1 (very possible), more young American players could see Ligue 1 as a good opportunity to test their stuff.


EPL to Ligue 1 – Dempsey would be moving to a team with more European pedigree but simultaneously moving to a lesser league. It is the general consensus that the EPL is either the best or second best league in the world (La Liga) while Ligue 1 is the fifth best. In terms of talent, Fulham and PSG are probably a wash. Maybe PSG has slightly more talent, but it’s pretty close. The question is would Dempsey rather play on a mediocre team in a first tier league or a great team in a second (1.5? I don’t know) tier league. In my mind, a player like Dempsey wants to test himself as much as possible and thus it would be better to be playing better teams day in, day out than being on one of the better teams in a league that isn’t as good.

Is PSG the best Dempsey can do? – Dempsey is currently in the top ten in scoring in the EPL and has been one of the best players in the league this year. There has to be a better team than PSG bidding for his services. Could he not move to a better team in the EPL or perhaps a top team Italy, Spain, or Germany? I just feel like Dempsey would be selling himself short if settled for PSG. Call me crazy, but I think Dempsey could make it at a place like Tottenham or Liverpool.

Language/Culture Barrier – As far as I know, Dempsey does not speak French nor know anything about French culture. Do the USMNT really want their best player right now (sorry Landon but it’s true), who seems to be just peaking in his career, to move to a place where he might be held back by the culture? Maybe this won’t happen, but it certainly could. Would we want this to be the reason why Dempsey stops performing? Why risk it?

Looking at these points, it would seem like Dempsey is better off holding out for a better offer. I think Dempsey is good enough to be a regular starter for a top club and I don’t think he should sell himself short by joining a team like PSG. What do you guys think?

Moving on to MLS, here are a few thoughts from this last weekend:

· Real Salt Lake’s offense is struggling, but they still boast the best defense in the league and will be fine while Collen Warner adjusts to his new role.

· Landon Donovan is absolutely on fire right now. He is leading the league with seven goals, his total from last year, and burying every opportunity he gets. He couldn’t have picked a better time to turn the switch on with the Gold Cup coming up.

· DC United is doing nothing this year; they couldn’t beat a team that started Quincy Amirikwa and Andre Akpan up front. Next year looks promising though (yes I already wrote them off).

· Shalrie Joseph is back.

· Portland is much better than we expected, but Vancouver is not.

· New York cannot drop games like that if they want to win the Supporter’s Shield.

· I can’t decide if I would rather have Thierry Henry or Landon Donovan right now.

Golden Boot Standings:

Player                                   GP     G     A

1. Landon Donovan                 8       7     1

2. Charlie Davies                      9       6     1

3. Chris Wondolowski               9      5      1

4. Thierry Henry                      8      5      3

5. Shalrie Joseph                     9      4      1

GOAL TRACKER 2011: Wondo vs Barrett

Wondo     Barrett

5              2

Supporter’s Shield Watch:

1.      Real Salt Lake 2.50 PPG

2.      New York Red Bulls 2.00 PPG

3.      Philadelphia Union 1.75 PPG

4.      Portland Timbers 1.62 PPG

Columbus Crew 1.62 PPG

  1. Stephan says:

    you are insane , psg i going to be just as strong as man city , very soon… dempsey would be an idiot not to join PSG , champions league every year under carlo ancelotti , a coach that won the champions league twice…………

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