Thursday Lunch Special: 2011 NFL Draft Live Diary

Posted: April 28, 2011 in football, nfl, nfl draft
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By Will Robinson


4:45 p.m. PDT –  To partner with the 2nd Annual Mock Draft, here is the 2nd Annual Live Diary! I’m probably way more excited than I should be, but I don’t care. This year, I’ve taken my talents to the NFL Network to watch the draft. Mel Kiper Jr. is dumb, and the ESPN set is crowded. Plus, last year they did the idiotic thing of showing guys on the phones before the pick was announced, so it removed ANY drama from the pick announcement.

4:50 – The crew is spending time on where Cam Newton will be drafted. Why? He’ll definitely go in the first three picks, and probably within the first ten minutes.


4:55 – Still talking about Newton…


4:57 – Kara Henderson said that the Broncos will be taking Von Miller. I’d be fine with that, especially since there is massive defensive linemen depth in this draft.


5:02 – It’s about to start! It just showed Cam Newton on the phone… hmmm… what could that mean? I really hope they don’t continue that trend in showing picks on the phone before the pick is announced. I may have to follow the draft with my eyes closed.


5:06 – Roger Goodell was met with boos once again when he reached the stage. He put the Panthers on the clock and came back very soon after that to read off Newton’s name.


5:13 – Pizza and wings came. Mmmmm, delicious. Von Miller is on the phone, and looks to be a Denver Bronco. Many high fives going on in the war room. Miller was crying, and that’s the kind of dedicated player I want to be on my team. It’s official.


5:20 – Marcell Dareus is on the phone with the Bills. A great fit with, as Mike Mayock just said, the worst run defense in the league last year.


5:25 – So far, so good. A.J. Green to the Bengals. I’ll be writing more after I finish this delicious pizza. I gotta save my keyboard from a big mess. Now, this will leave Blaine Gabbert to Arizona. Will they take him?


5:30 – Patrick Peterson was on the phone. A Peterson/Rodgers-Cromartie pairing would be great for Arizona. He can be great for years to come.




5:33 – FALCONS! Looking at Julio Jones probably.


5:36 – What a trade! Atlanta’s first, second, and fourth this year, and first and fourth next year. What a trade. And here walks up Julio.


5:38 – Cody’s 49ers are on the clock. They could definitely go quarterback here and FINALLY end the Alex Smith era.


5:41 – Will: Cody, do you want the Alex Smith era to end? Cody: YEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!




5:43 – Hm. I guess Harbaugh thinks Alex Smith is salvageable. Really? REALLY? I mean, this is a decent fit, but QB or CB would have filled a bigger hole.




5:47 Wow. That is crazy. Who on earth thought Locker would have been the second quarterback?


5:54 – The Cowboys took their sweet time. Who is it?


5:55 – Tyron Smith. A good pick by Dallas, they really needed offensive line help.


6:00 – TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE! The David Garrard era is going to be over soon!


6:08 – Yep, Blaine Gabbert is finally off the clock. And the Texans are passing up Prince to pick J.J. Watt, it appears. He could be a nice complement to Mario Williams.


6:17 – Slow moving draft tonight… waiting on something more exciting to happen. Another Locker-esque pick would be nice to cause some controversy. Waiting on the Vikings’ pick to be announced.


6:18 – WHAT?!??!!??!?!?! PONDER?!??!?!?!??! WHAT?!?!?!?!?! SPEAK OF THE DEVIL! How could they pick him at 12? This draft is getting craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazier. Way to go!


6:22 – Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh? What a killer combination! The Lions are going to be naaasty up front next year. And Jim Schwartz know how to develop DT’s.


6:30 – This slide of Amukamara is fascinating… who will pick him up? Maybe Washington at 16, Miami doesn’t need a CB. Robert Quinn to St. Louis to pair up with Chris Long and strengthen the front line for the Rams.


6:35 – Sorry Dylan, RIP the thought of having the Pouncey brothers paired up. The Phins just picked Mike.


6:44 – Ryan Kerrigan gets picked by Washington. He’ll be nice with Brian Orakpo. But they still need to resolve their quarterback situation sometime soon. I mean, unless they want to have the quarterback tandem of Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman.


6:48 – The Pats are not trading down – interesting… offensive line could be a nice value here for New England, as they are getting oldish.


6:50 – Nate Solder to New England. The Pats fans are happy, and they have another pick tonight and one to kick off the second round tomorrow. Not even fair.


6:55 – LIUGET pick for San Diego. Dammit.


7:04 – Once again, sorry Dylan. A top corner, Prince Amukamara, fell to 19 and the Steelers could not get him. Great value for the Giants here.


7:11 – I thought Da’Quan Bowers could be going to Tampa Bay, but it looks like Adrian Clayborn is going to Tampa Bay. I think they avoided Jimmy Smith because of the “character issues,” as they are poised to drop Aqib Talib for those reasons.


7:18 – TRAAADE! Not nearly as exciting as it was early, but the Browns are now on the clock. They picked up DT Phil Taylor after moving up 6 spots with the Chiefs.


7:20 – Taylor is HUGE, and the top nose tackle in this draft. He would surely be a good fit in the middle of the defensive line and eat space as the 3-4 NT.


7:21 – Peyton Hillis’ boots are sick.


7:28 – Anthony Castonzo gets picked to block Peyton Manning. Manning must be thoroughly relieved as the offensive line was terrible last year. Just awful.


7:33 – And the Eagles, against conventional wisdom, are in line to pick Danny Watkins, guard from Baylor. Jimmy Smith would be a good pick here, but Andy Reid may want to avoid any guys with the “character issues” label.


7:45 – Cal’s DE Cameron Jordan finally goes off the board here to the Saints. A great value here for the Saints. I think Seattle will pick a quarterback here. I really don’t think Whitehurst can be a good QB.


7:48 – Evan just phoned in his Packers pick… he thinks they will take Akeem Ayers (with my mock draft as a reference… GREAT SOURCE)


7:51 – Dammit. Why did they take a tackle? I NEED MY MOCK DRAFT TO LOOK MORE DECENT!


8:00 – A trade happened apparently. Hmmm. Still no announcement.And now Kansas City has picked a player. I have no idea what is going on. I don’t think most people do.


8:04 – KC picked WR Jonathan Baldwin at 26 because Baltimore passed that pick, but then they settled in and they FINALLY picked Jimmy Smith at 27.


8:13 – New England traded out of their spot to New Orleans, who is picking Mark Ingram. Finally he comes off the board, but I’m kind of surprised the Saints got him. Actually, not really; they had serious running back problems last year, but I was thinking they would have waited for a back later on.


8:20 – The draft is finally almost over. The Bears make a good pick in Gabe Carimi… they really needed offensive line help.


8:24 – Cody is obsessed with the Reebok Reeflex commercial. This concerns me.


8:26 – Pitt instantly files to pick Cameron Heyward after they were on the clock, right after the Jets selected Muhammad Wilkerson. They still avoid a cornerback, but this pick had great value.


8:35 – Green Bay took their sweet tie at the end of the round to find a player. FINALLY this is about to end. Let’s see who they pick…


8:37 – Derek Sherrod. Nice pick in reassuring the line. Ok now we are officially done with this round. Time to unwind…

  1. Evan Ream says:

    7:48 – My mock draft is a GREAT SOURCE

    You flip flop more than John Kerry

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