>Monday Lunch: Deuce Is Wild

Posted: February 7, 2011 in english premier league, nfl, super bowl
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By Evan Ream


I’m going to talk about Clint Dempsey. I swear. But first, I have an obligation to fill. I wouldn’t be a true Packer fan if I didn’t mention their victory in Super Bowl XLV. What a game it was. Some may have rated it as an average game, but for me nothing was more awesome than Aaron Rodgers go to work and Nick Collins’ pick-six, which was the epic play of the game in my opinion. If you are looking for analysis on this game however, you will have to wait until tomorrow where my colleague Will Robinson will be providing an in depth look on the game.



Now that my throwball obligations are over, I just want to speak briefly about Clint Dempsey and the type of season he is having. As you may (or may not) know, Clint Dempsey scored his ninth league goal (tenth overall) of the season against Aston Villa last Saturday. This is significant because his nine Premier League goals is just one away from Brian McBride’s record of ten set during the 05/06 season. In that season, which is regarded as one of the best ever for an American abroad, McBride played in 35 games and scored 10 goals or one every 3.5 games. While that is a decent record, Dempsey has a much better one currently at one goal every 2.8 games.


Dempsey will likely break McBride’s record; he is on pace to score 13 Premier League goals for a side that has scored just 28 goals all season. The reason why this is all noteworthy is that Dempsey has done this for a terrible offensive team. They have had tons of injuries on the front line, so Dempsey has been forced to play as a target forward; something he has never really excelled at, and yet he has done well. It’s even more impressive that lately his goals have been coming from a left midfield role, the same sort of role he plays for USA; farther away from the goal.


Dempsey has proven himself time and time again for Fulham this season; I would be surprised if he was still with the club come summer. Dempsey is simply too good for Fulham to keep. On the last year of his contract, Dempsey should be sold, and for good reason. Dempsey is simply the best player in CONCACAF right now. Some may argue that Javier Hernandez is better, but Dempsey has two more league goals than Hernandez despite playing for one of the most offensively challenged team in the league.


Dempsey is having a season for the ages; especially for an American. He has already set a career high for goals scored, something that he has done each year in the league, and looks to further that. Despite their stagnant and sometimes straight up boring offense, Fulham are worth a watch this year just to see Dempsey work his magic.


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