>Monday Lunch: I Like That BoonBoorey….Don’t We All?

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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>By Evan Ream

I just back from taking in Saturday’s international friendly against Chile. Normally, I would rate all the players, but I don’t really think we can actually take much from this game other than a few tidbits. Brek Shea is still too young and too raw to contribute; Dax McCarty is a solid player, but will likely never be good enough to challenge for a starting spot because of the depth that USA has at center mid; Zach Loyd had a promising debut; and Marvell Wynne should never play for USA ever again. Anyone who watched the game can tell any of this. I’m not going to even talk about Juan Agudelo because, if you have been keeping up with the scene for the last couple of months, you know what he is capable of.

I want to talk about Teal Bunbury.

We all saw that he took a great penalty, and that he scored, and played pretty well, and the announcer was funny etc… Bunbury played pretty well in the game. I want to discuss his mentality. We have always praised Brian McBride as the model forward; we have praised him for being humble. Brian McBride was a great player, but he was limited. His attitude was not conductive of a good forward. I want the cocky players. I want the player who takes penalties that they have no business being near because a goal is a goal. I want the players that need to score. I want Zlatan. All the best forwards in the world have this cocky attitude, but USA has never had one. I want more players like this. Teal Bunbury is like this, and he is what we need. Everyone is excited about Juan Agudelo, but I think Teal Bunbury will have the better career just based on his attitude.

Moving on, this weekend was a great one and without further interruptions, here is our TSL game report (this weekend can best be described as epic, we have the pictures to prove it:

If we were going to party with The American Outlaws, we needed our share of Golazo!

We support the US, the US, the US, and that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it…

6 of the 7 AO Davis members getting ready to leave

As good as Golazo is, someone should tell Russell that this isn’t the best way to drink it

He got what he deserved in the end

Matt and I with former USMNT and MLS player Kyle Martino. Thanks Kyle!
The Shock Top mascot did manage to make an appearance.

No USMNT fan can say that they disagree with this.

Shortly before the game.

My brother getting his 2nd Cap.

Early free kick for Chile.

Rimando was very good in limited time. 


This is what we wanted to do at halftime. 

Brek Shea: solid for 20 minutes, invisible for the rest of the night. 

Chile reacts to their goal. 

Bunbury with the equalizer. 


In all, it was an enjoyable experience. Bunbury’s goal was the highlight of the night, but we would just like to thank The American Outlaws for the great game day experience. We had a great time with them!


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