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By Brent MacDonald
Carmelo to be Traded?
This would probably be one of the worst things Carmelo could do this season, besides holding an hour-long TV special to spotlight his decision to go to New Jersey. The trade is supposedly going down sometime next week, and would involve transactions from Denver, New Jersey and Detroit. 
Off the court, ‘Melo isn’t a Jersey Shore type of guy; he just wouldn’t like it there. Besides the money, I don’t see the other benefits he would be getting from signing with the Nets. $65 million over three years is a hell of a figure, and with pockets like Mikhail Prokhrov, it’s just another drop of a dime. But is that dime even worth being dropped?
Carmelo has always been just another high-scoring star with no real pieces around him to help the nuggets journey past the first round of the playoffs. Plus, at the rate New Jersey is going, they’ll be getting another high first round draft pick come this summer. There’s really no point in starting to win now, they’ll only end up with a worse draft pick and zero chance at playoffs.
Denver needs to keep Carmelo for the remainder of the season and try to ride him a little further into playoffs, then allow other teams to begin bidding in the summer. If not, it looks like Pauly D might have a new GTL pahtna.

College Basketball
College basketball is the most unpredictable sport in America. Florida State proved this fact by knocking off top-ranked Duke this past week in a battle that must have left Dick Vitale’s windpipe in more pain than usual.
Just days earlier, FSU had lost to Auburn, arguably one of the worst major-conference teams in the nation. But the Seminoles put together a gameplan that involved highlighting the weaknesses of the Blue Devils…yes, even coach K has weaknesses.
‘To live and die by the 3’ is a term often heard in college basketball. For Duke, the past few years have garnered success off of ‘living’ by the 3, and rarely (if at all) ‘dying.’ They shot 11-35 from beyond the arc. Singler missed key shots down the stretch and was well beyond his range for many of them. You could credit that to poor shot selection or great defense, but from my perspective I’ll have to go with the latter.
This season of college basketball is proving to be a good one, Ohio State is 17-0 for the first time in 20 years, and currently ranked number one overall. But don’t expect that ranking to last long. In this sport, it often doesn’t. 
Lebron assumes role of villain:
            LeBron James recently made public announcements that he has embraced and assumed the role of ‘hated villain.’
            I don’t really give a shit, and you shouldn’t either.
Allen Iverson back in America:
But apparently not for long. The Answer has been having trouble with his right leg, and has returned from his stint playing in Turkey to get treatment. It has been rumored that he may not return to play in Europe, however Iverson has repeatedly stated that he would like to play in Turkey again.
Playing in America would mean that a potential championship team would want to pick up a veteran point guard for a reasonable amount of money. I don’t see the Celtics, Heat, Lakers or Spurs offering A.I. a deal anytime soon, and I don’t see Iverson wanting to go anywhere without hopes for a championship.
He’s loved in Turkey, and playing out his years with a fan base overseas would be the best option for him at this point.
NBA Awards: Pre-All star break:
MVP: Derrick Rose
Rose has led the Bulls to a 25-12 record as of Friday, good enough for third place in the newly-competitive Eastern Conference. 24 points and better than eight assists per game are phenomenal numbers for a point guard, and Chicago’s playoff hopes continue to look brighter with D-Rose bringing the ball up the court.
Rookie of the Year:
John Wall: Wall has proven himself to be a huge playmaker and distributor for the Wizards so far, he’s averaging more than ten assists in four of his past seven games, and fifth overall with 8.8 dimes per game.
DeMarcus Cousins: Cousins had been called a ‘bust’ by many earlier this year, but has been playing like an all-star the past few games. His ppg average has increased to 21.2 over the past six games and he’s getting 9.2 boards for Sactown. Sacramento might be the first team to have two ROY’s in a row, and still not improve a single bit.
Blake Griffin: Griffin has been part of the league for two years now, and in my eyes, does not deserve to be discussed in Rookie of the Year voting.

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Carmelo is from new York and the Nets are going to play in Brooklyn. It makes perfect sense, he wants to play at home. But trade talks about him going to the Knicks are just as serious. And I don't agree with your perspective on the nuggets. They were literally just in the western conference finals, a couple games away from being in the 'ship. They have some really really good talent around him, he is the one that can't push it to the next level.

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