>Monday Lunch: Edson Buddle’s Departure Continues a Terrible Trend in MLS

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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By Evan Ream



Sadly, since these reports have been proven true, Edson Buddle is heading to the German second division to play for FC Ingolstadt 04 who are currently in 17th place out of 18 in the league: six points from being safe. I don’t know much about this team or the German second division either, but I know this is a terrible move for a player in the prime of his career.


Edson Buddle is a very good player in MLS. He is by no means a star (especially on the Galaxy) and people definitely do not buy tickets just to see Edson Buddle play. The same was true for Josh Wolff, Robbie Findley, Kenny Cooper, and other attacking MLS players that have left during the prime of their careers to join second division clubs. I get that all of these players want to test their abilities in Europe, but the fact that MLS is losing so many quality players to second divisions around the world is shocking.


I have watched English second division soccer (English Championship) a few times and I can tell you that the level of play is no higher than MLS. Why then are all of these players leaving to play in leagues that are at the best, no better? Money would be an obvious answer; MLS can simply not pay what these players are worth. As MLS is still struggling to make money on its own, there really isn’t a good way to solve this situation.


Though I won’t blame any of these players for chasing their European dreams, I would like to see more players like Eddie Pope, who rejected a giant transfer fee to stay in MLS his entire career and help build the league. Players like him were proof that you could compete in MLS and still play at a high level internationally. Here’s hoping that we see more Eddie Popes then Edson Buddles in the near future.

  1. grasfressen says:

    >People in the US dont deserve quality football. Keep buying overpaid players about to retire for temporary glory. Keep watching sports the rest of the world doesnt care about.

  2. >Thank you for the comment, but I completely disagree. Americans, especially the ones who are dedicated to the sport as I am, deserve the best soccer there is. I don't think you should generalize; just because some Americans don't appreciate it, doesn't mean others do. I care about soccer as well as other "American Sports" and I therefore find your comment very ignorant towards the American sporting landscape.

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