>Thursday Lunch: Football, A Short Rant

Posted: December 16, 2010 in college football, nfl
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>By Nick Gallaudet

I love football, or so I claim.  Every year when September rolls around and college and pro football start back up, I get giddy.  Part of my excitement is due to the fact that there will actually be games to watch, and I will no longer have to listen to the endless speculation by the talking heads that dominate sports media today.  With the 24 hour news cycle and endless opportunities for expert “analysts” to give their two cents, I feel bombarded.  During the football offseason, ESPN airs NFL Live every day.  EVERY DAY there are analysts talking about the news in football when games aren’t going to be played for another 6 months.  It’s absurd, and during the first week, I remember that just because the games start, the analysis and baseless speculation is not gone.  I watch Sportscenter for highlights of the games I wasn’t able to see, and I have to listen to half an hour of Trent Dilfer talking about the National Football League and the variety of talented football players playing football on the football field and what incredible tools and football intangibles these football players posses when they play football on the football field with other football players.  I can’t take it anymore.  As a sports fan, I enjoy watching the game, I enjoy seeing athletes play the games I love to play at the much better than I can ever hope to.  I don’t want to hear about the politics, and whether Brett Favre is going to retire and un-retire for the 45th time.  I don’t care, but unfortunately, that’s the nature of being a football fan.  Unlike my first love, baseball, football isn’t played every day, and sports networks need to feed the vacancy with some sort of material, and unfortunately that means 6 days of talking about the games between Sundays.  I think I’ve reached critical mass.  I can’t take any more football at this point.  The only football I watched on Sunday was the 1st half of the Eagles/Cowboys game.  This disillusionment with football is a strange feeling, but here’s to hoping I’ve learned my lesson.  I have avoided football coverage for the past couple weeks, and hopefully by making the conscious decision to limit my football intake, my love for the sport will blossom like I know it can for the playoffs.  One good thing to come out of this football diet: I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a baseball season.  Is it April yet?
  1. >This is the first step of like three steps of you becoming a soccer fan more than a football fan. -Evan

  2. Flyingoose says:

    >The second step is Nick saying he likes high socks. Oh wait, baseball players have those too.

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