>By Will Robinson

Wow. That is all I can say. Wow
Now, one may be wondering what I am wowing about. I think that if you are not an NFL fan or have lived in a hole for the past 28 or so hours, then you will have no idea.
Two events that occurred yesterday dropped my jaw. Let’s start with the more current thing/the one that doesn’t hurt my soul to speak about.
The Patriots CRUSHING the Jets
Anyone who picked the Patriots to defeat the Jets by the second largest margin of victory in Monday Night Football history raise your hand? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Exactly. What the Patriots did was nothing short of remarkable. The way they manhandled the Jets all night was a marvel. They scored on their first four drives to quickly jump out to a 24-3 lead. After that, there was no chance Tom Brady and Bill Belichick would allow Rex Ryan’s crew to come back.
I have not seen Tom Brady play better football in his career, save his 2007 campaign. Except in this year, he is putting up phenomenal passing stats with no Randy Moss, and a stronger running game than three years ago. He tore up a very good defense (who was missing the crucial play caller, Jim Leonhard), and his receivers and backs racked up a TON of yards after the catch (I could not find the exact number, but I believe it was about 206). Danny Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis (LAWFIRM!) add a different edge to this offense, as well as the three-headed tight end monster that is Alge Crumpler, Rob Gronwkowski, and Aaron Hernandez.
The defense is additionally playing great after a rocky beginning. According to the defensive starters in the base 3-4 defense listed on ESPN.com, the average age of the starters is 25 years old, with the oldest being the 32 year old Gerard Warren. Devin McCourty, rookie from Rutgers, has played lights out this year, recording 13 passes defended and six interceptions. The Patriots clearly resemble the best team in the league right now, top to bottom, and should last in January. I like my Patriots AFC Title pick better and better now… (Shameless prediction plug – © John Harkes 2010).
Josh McDaniels
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, just after I write a piece about Josh McD and why Denver should keep him, he gets the axe. This bothers me, as you may know I had pleaded to keep McDaniels one more season.
I do not agree with the decision, but I can clearly see why it occurred. Too many mistakes and personal actions by McDaniels were apparently too much for owner Pat Bowlen. The final straw was that McDaniels sat on the videotaping news for nine days, and did not tell anyone. I mean, the 59-14 home loss to Oakland sure didn’t help. Or abandoning the run in the fourth quarter Sunday. Or punting on 4th and 4 with about three minutes left and two timeouts from their own 39.
I decided to listen to a Denver radio station, 104.3 The Fan, that broke the news on the air and spent about 83% (real number, actually) of their three hour show talking about the obviously gargantuan news. Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd was already scheduled to be a guest for the day, and on his way to do the radio show, he learned via Twitter that his coach was fired.
The interesting thing that he said when asked if McDaniels was a good coach, and I am paraphrasing, was that McDaniels went all out in preparing every player for every game. He developed proper and great game plans that would have helped the team in winning. He would then point out after a game that if that game had been followed on a particular play, then something good could have happened. Lloyd added that while the game plans were excellent and the execution or lack thereof, was on the players, McDaniels selected the players.
I think McDaniels will have a new job this next offseason as an offensive coordinator. I am not sure where, but he is too talented to be unemployed. What scares the hell out of me is this could have been his mulligan gig that will allow him to evolve to a strong coach. There is a very well known coach who failed at his first professional head-coaching job, then became an assistant coach again. This coach then went back to coordinating for a few years, and then established himself as a Hall of Famer. I do not want to say McDaniels is exactly like his mentor, but there is a very good chance that he can make name for himself and earn a head-coaching job within the next five to seven years.
SPORT NCAA FOOTBALLThe Broncos named running backs coach Eric Studesville as their interim head coach, but who will be the permanent one? I would like to see Bill Cowher, personally. Cowher is the kind of strong-minded individual who can instill toughness into the Denver locker room. I’m not too fond of Jon Gruden, but he could be the biggest help to Tebow. NFL Network reporter Albert Breer suggested Denver would be in heaven if they landed Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh and Eric DeCosta, a Baltimore personnel man, to lead the squad next year as coach and general manager, respectively. Whatever happens, I just want this team to be competitive again. I miss the Jake Plummer era. If he had not beaten the Patriots in 2006 in the divisional round, the Broncos would have achieved a decade lacking a postseason victory. That is Cowboys territory. The one thing I am glad is that Bowlen did not allow money to interfere with the running of his team. He will do anything he can to win, which is a luxury compared to some teams. I just hope they don’t make a mistake again.


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