>Friday Lunch Special: Russell’s Corner

Posted: November 26, 2010 in mls, nfl
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>By Russell Jordan

So the MLS Cup Champion was decided last Sunday, and apparently Dallas decided they didn’t need a trophy in their case when they subbed off Brek Shea with the game deadlocked at 1-1. But hey, it wasn’t all bad for Dallas, at least they didn’t blow the game on something stupid and heart breaking like an own goal… Oh, wait. I can’t imagine what it’s like to score an own goal to lose a championship, but I do share George John’s pain in having two first names. Nonetheless, I decided to create a top 5 list. So here it is:
Top Five Worst Ways to Lose a Championship/BIG Game
5. Comeback: To be up a significant amount and then let it slip away because you were already thinking about spraying your boys with champagne and getting that signing bonus you always wanted. The 2004 Yankees know something about this, but they still were paid.
4. Blowout: From the first tick of the clock, your team has NO BUSINESS being out there with the other squad. At halftime, you know it’s over, but still your team drags themselves out there only to be humiliated even more as the other team celebrates their victory long before the game is over. The 1992 Bills own this honor.
3. Out Foxed: This one is a heartbreaker. This when the opponent beats you by stealing home in the bottom of the ninth, or a trick play that throws your whole team to one end of the field while the guy with the ball jogs into the end zone un touched. The 2007 Oklahoma Sooners have felt this pain.
2. Bad Call: This is enough to drive a player, coach, and fan, nuts. The refs steal something from your team that it has worked so hard for. Weather it’s a mystery call on your guys, or a blatant miss call on the other team, the bad call can ruin YEARS of hard work. The 2002 Kings fell victim to this in their seven game series with the Lakers.
1. Blunder: Sorry, George John, but this is by far the worst way to lose a championship. Your team fights so hard, and is so close, but one player throws it all away with a mistake that costs his team victory. Bill Buckner is an expert on this topic, as is the aforementioned George John.
In NFL news, Michael Vick continued his dominance on and off the football field. The Eagles officially took over first in the NFC East with a close win over the Giants, and Vick still holds his large lead over dogs with a total count of 64 dogs killed, yet still not one dog has managed to kill Vick.
Richard Seymour was ejected for giving Ben Roethlisberger a powerful palm strike to the face on Sunday. Now Ben knows how it feels to have a big man put his hands where you don’t want them. But, he had the last laugh as the Steelers violated the Raiders 35-3.
Jason Garrett is now 2-0 (editor’s note: written before the Cowboys lost to the Saints, 30-27) as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, the only problem now is WHY DIDN’T THEY FIRE WADE SOONER???
The 49ers were shutout 21-0 by Josh Freeman and the Bucs, but I’m sure Mike Singletary has a very sane way of showing his displeasure with the team… rumor is the whole coaching staff with be without pants during this weeks practice.
Finally, the Patriots squeaked one out against the Colts last week, winning 31-28 with Payton Manning throwing an interception in field goal range with under a minute left. I think PMan needs more practice with the kids from the United Way.
In US Soccer news, 17-year-old striker Juan Agudelo scored a game winning goal last week for the USMNT against South Africa. Agudelo is being compared to other young players with lots of hype around them like Freddy Adu a few years ago. Honestly, I can see the similarities; the only difference being Juan Agudelo is a good soccer player.
Heading to the NBA now, Blake Griffin is emerging as the lead candidate in the Rookie of the Year vote as he continues to dominate, especially with his 44pt 17reb game last week, however rookie John Wall leads all rookies in Dancing For An Hour During Introductions.
Things aren’t going as planned for the Miami Heat, LeBron and Wade haven’t gelled yet, and Chris Bosh is playing… well like a Bosh.
A few quick notes on the MLS Expansion draft.
Best Pick: Portland – Dax McCarty, then he was traded to DC United. Congrats Evan, teams win with gingers.
Worst Pick: Portland – Jonathan Bornstein, Bornstein has confirmed he is leaving MLS to play in Mexico, making the obvious question. Portland, are you stupid?
Surprise Pick: Portland – Robbie Findley, Findley was rumored to leave MLS, but his agent was recently quoted as saying his “MLS days aren’t over yet”… if only his USMNT days were over.
Big Winner: DC United, they got DAXDAXDAXDAXDAXDAXDAXDAX! (Close second SJ for getting rid of Arturo Alvarez)
Big Loser: Dax McCarty, headed to the worst team in the league (Close second Jimmy Conrad for remaining a “Sporter”)
NFL MVP Watch:
1. Drew Brees
2. Clay Matthews (would love to see a D player get it)
3. Michael Vick
NFL ROY Watch:
1. Sam Bradford
2. Ndomakong Suh
3. Dez Bryant
NBA MVP Watch:
1. Kobe Bryant
2. Kevin Durant
3. Blake Griffin
NBA ROY Watch:
1. Blake Griffin
2. Blake Griffin
3. Blake Griffin
My Thanksgiving thoughts: There are tons of things to be thankful for. Our freedoms, the troops overseas, family, friends, etc., but I’m gonna name some stuff that doesn’t get a lot of love on Thanksgiving.
The Internet
Satellite TV
Clay Matthews’ hair
Toilet Paper
Our Black President
Keanu Reeves movies
The TV show “The League”
That time Vince Carter dunked over the 7-foot guy
Ellis Lankster’s first post-game press conference
And remember kids, the pen is mightier than the sword, but Pooh spelled backwards is Hoop.

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