Tuesday Lunch: The Vince Young Situation

Posted: November 23, 2010 in nfl
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By Will Robinson

After another fantastic weekend in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, there seems to be one story with employed (sorry, Chilly) football players and coaches that overrode all others: the Vince Young and Jeff Fisher dispute.

This is one of the more bizarre things of the season, and of a quarterback-coach dispute in recent memory. For those that are unaware of the situation, last Sunday Vince Young left the game in the third quarter after injuring this thumb. Allegedly, Young felt he was capable to come back into the game, but Fisher opted for playing sixth round quarterback Rusty Smith. The Titans went on to lose the game in overtime to Washington, 19-16. Young then threw his shoulder pads and jersey into the stands after Graham Gano’s game winner, and headed off steaming to the locker room. Apparently, after the game, Young walked out while Fisher addressed the team about the loss. Allegedly, Fisher called out Young for walking out on his teammates, followed by Young firing back that he was walking out on Fisher. The Titans placed Young on IR, and Fisher has stated that Young will not be the quarterback of the team (before he was placed on IR), but next year was still unplanned. Owner Bud Adams publicly addressed the issue yesterday, stating Fisher and Young would have to co-exist. Fisher also forced his quarterback coach to inform Young, who was at the practice facility, to leave because he had no reason to be there. Draaaama!

This situation is a straight up mess. At least Minnesota’s coach/quarterback controversy ended this week, and even if Brad Childress had stayed, Brett Favre is apparently (FINALLY) going to retire after this season. While there are similarities with the two situations, there are two drastic differences: Fisher is an entrenched, tenured coach (longest tenured coach in the league) while Chilly was only coach for four and a half years. Young is in the athletic prime of his so far troubled career and Favre is in the twilight of his storied one. Young has not been a top-ten quarterback anytime in his career, but his stats this year have been solid (1255 yards, ten touchdowns, three interceptions, 98.6 QB rating); but pouting around when you are the FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK is completely inexcusable. Now he’ll have to be a former franchise player coming off the bench.


Adams has already said that Young is not going anywhere, but could an owner have said anything worse to hang his great coach out to dry? Probably not. If Adams truly wants to keep Young and have him be the starting quarterback, I think Fisher could bolt after his grip on the Titans is loosening. A Fisher-less Titans team next year with Vince Young helming the team is not early as scary as Rusty Smith leading the charge with Fisher roaming the sidelines. Fisher is one of the premier coaches in the league, and if he were fired, he would be unemployed for the approximate time it takes for Chris Johnson to get away from the cops’ speed. I really don’t see how Young can come back as the Titans’ quarterback next season. Bud Adams needs to come to his senses and realize the future is not with his hometown boy, but with the coach who hasn’t quit on his team.


So, if Vince Young and Jeff Fisher don’t make up, what happens if…


Vince Young is cut/traded?vince-young-meltdown

I think Young will not have a hard time finding a new job. His name is still a big name due to his phenomenal college performances. I would not be surprised to see Young in any of the following cities: Oakland (just cause Al Davis is a wildcard), Arizona (they arguably need a quarterback more than anyone), San Francisco (a Vernon Davis-esque reformation with Mike Singletary), Sacramento (why not!??!?!), or Minnesota. My bet is either Arizona or Minnesota, as both could use a quarterback, and what harm would it be to bring in a former Heisman finalist in to compete against Derek Anderson/Max Hall and Tarvaris Jackson/Joe Webb?


Jeff Fisher is fired/he resigns?jeff-fisher

There should be a number of teams this offseason, even with the impending reality of a players’ lockout that will be looking for a new coach. Fisher would certainly be on top of the list, as well as some other coaches that have been removed from coaching for over a year (Dungy, Gruden, Cowher). A major issue with the lockout is that owners may not be keen on hiring outside of the organization, because if there were a lockout, then the coaches would not have access to the players with enough time to implement a new system before the questionable 2011 season.


Fisher and Young stay?

I think it will be a mess all of next year (if football is played), and Young will ultimately win out the starting job. I doubt this would sit well with Fisher, and lead to a larger and more public feud with Young and Adams. Beyond next year’s season, there has to be a 0% chance that either Young or Fisher still remains in Tennessee.


I personally think Young should not be a Titan next year. He does not seem to have the drive, commitment, and leadership qualities in the NFL as he did and college, and is on a level completely lower than the Peyton Mannings, Tom Bradys, and Drew Breeses (how do you pluralize Brees?). Fisher was never sold on him being his quarterback: Adams made an executive call to draft him. Young may still become a solid quarterback, but he is running out of time and he needs a swift attitude adjustment. If he doesn’t, he may be up there with the likes of Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, and Danny Wuerfel: great college quarterbacks who couldn’t make it in the pros. That’s not a particularly nice company to be with, concerning one’s pro career. I guess some people don’t have “it” in them.

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