>Tuesday Lunch: Vick is Finally On Top

Posted: November 16, 2010 in nfl
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By Will Robinson


Here are some plays Michael Vick made last night. Just PHE-nomenal. I will discuss him later.


Not-so-Quick-Hit Thoughts

· Typically, if there is contact and a defensive back falls down against a top flight receiver, there is no call; but if the play is as egregious and important as the one not called against Roddy White, that’s a shame. The Falcons played very well and probably still would have won (and had a legit shot, with their field position, to get at least a field goal), but winning on that push off touchdown wasn’t right. They could have settled on a field goal, which may have gave the Ravens less time to win, but they would have only needed a field goal to steal a late victory.

· We finally know the answer to the question: if you need a two-point conversion to tie the game, and Shaun Hill is your quarterback, what should you do? Pass it out the back of the end zone, of course.

· Even though he won his game, and threw three touchdowns, Jay Cutler still had two interceptions (one in the end zone). I would just like to point out that since the Cutler-Orton trade went down, this is Cutler’s ninth multi-interception game (two this year), while Orton has only two (zero this year). Yes, Cutler has more wins thus far (13 to 11), but people had expectations for Cutler’s Bears the last two years, none really for Orton’s Broncos.

· Josh Freeman wins football games! Solid, commanding performance by the Young Bucs.

· Play. Of. The. Year! Great ending to the Jacksonville/Houston game. Unfortunately, even with this bit of unluckiness, Houston has been very disappointing to this point. 4-5? Come on!

· Who had Peyton Manning beating the Bengals with 185 passing yards and no touchdowns? Not this guy. And what on earth is wrong with Cedric Benson? He looks like the Benson of two years ago? Can I add any more questions to this paragraph? Nope, I’m done.

· Anyone who took the under of 1.5 snaps Chad Pennington would take before being hurt lost this weekend, sorry. Now Miami has to rely on either Tyler Thigpen or Patrick Ramsey to win out the year, as both Chads are out. I think we will see a return of the WILDCAT, and back to the Miami offense we are used to the last two years.

· Going 10-6 the hard way, baby! For real though, I hope Denver either A) starts losing now so they can acquire a draft pick or B) starts winning now so they can make the playoffs. No more 8-8 crap, please. I will give credit to Denver for getting their stuff together and dropping 35 points to start the game. Great job. Kyle Orton dropped three touchdown passes in the first quarter. He was awarded AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his four-touchdown, zero interception game against the former leaders of the AFC West. Great game for the Broncos and their fans (WOO!).

· Uuuh, so THAT happened. Dallas played lights out (see what I did there?) against New York, and had signs of life for the first time this year. Dez Bryant is a true baller, and I don’t know how 24 picks happened before him (including a certain team who I may/may not like not picking him in two chances. Dammit).

· It’s official: Arizona is the worst team in the NFC West.

· Great job by Troy Smith, who racked up 356 passing yards in a 23-20 overtime win against the Saint Louis Rams. Smith is probably not the long term answer, but he is their starter now, and is better than his cousin (not really), Alex. Frank Gore was his usual dominant self, and Michael Crabtree contributed a touchdown. Sam Bradford turned in another solid performance, but he needs a stronger deep threat to improve his six yards per attempt.

· Welcome back, Tom Brady! Brady turned in one of the finest performances of his career, dropping 350 yards, three passing, and one rushing touchdown against the vaunted Pittsburgh defense. Also, he was not sacked once by the typically aggressive Steelers. I am very excited for the Indy/New England game this week: should be great.

· Michael Vick. Has one of the great performance in recent memory, recording six touchdowns (four through the air, two on the ground) en route to a 59-28 rout of the Redskins. Vick threw 333 passing yards and ran for 80, and had one of the all-time great fantasy days, with 49 points! No one has ever seen play this way, and it leads to one of the great “What ifs:” What if Vick had his head on straight and was as motivated then as he is now when he was drafted by Atlanta? How would we be talking about him? Would he have any Super Bowl rings? It should make you think.


Most Impressive Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Honorable Mention: Dallas Cowboys


Most Impressive Offensive Player: Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles


Most Impressive Defensive Player: Mario Haggan, Denver Broncos

Haggan filled in very nicely for the injured Robert Ayers, recording three of the four sacks no Matt Cassel and forcing a fumble, which led to a defensive touchdown by Jason Hunter. Haggan’s performance was one of the many reasons Denver beat the Chiefs.


Most Unimpressive Team: New York Giants

Dallas looked like the team people thought they could be; but you were at home, Giants! Make it a lot closer than it was.


Most Unimpressive Player: DeAngelo Hall, Washington Redskins

Hall was thrown at all night, and was completely torched by Vick’s throws and receivers.


Best Game per Time Slot of Week 11

Thursday 5:20 PM PST

Chicago Bears vs. Miami Dolphins

Not the greatest of games this week, but it is on a Thursday!


Sunday 10:00 AM PST

Oakland Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Raiders had a great bye week, as they passively claimed first place in the up for grabs AFC West. Pittsburgh is fortunate to have another home game after being dominated by the Patriots, but this could be a challenging game for them. This week is full of great games, which is a breath of fresh air from last week.

Honorable Mention: Houston Texans vs. New York Jets


1:05-1:15 PM PST

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots

The game of the week, as two of perennial the AFC powerhouses meet in Foxborough. These games have seldom been good, and I don’t see how this can be an exception.


Best Game of Week 11

Indianapolis vs. New England


Most Interesting Game of Week 11

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The winner of this game will become the leader of the NFC East. Also in the running: the seemingly final Favre Bowl.


Bounce Back Performance of Week 11

New York Giants
Similar to my pick last week (NE), the Giants have to keep this game competitive. The Eagles look unstoppable with a healthy Vick, but the Giants have shown this year they have the ability to be a top-flight NFC team.


Down to Earth Performance of Week 11

New York Jets

The Jets have barely defeated teams with a combined five wins in overtime periods, and I think they finally get blood drawn against Houston.


Bold Predictions of Week 11

· Denver will win.

· Favre will ACTUALLY miss the Green Bay game.

· Cedric Benson keeps sucking, even against Buffalo.


Stats from ESPN and Pro Football Reference.


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