>Tuesday Lunch: Randy Mossing it This Week

Posted: November 2, 2010 in nfl
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>By Will Robinson

I had to put this picture in. It makes me laugh.

· Why wasn’t Troy Smith starting earlier for the Niners? Granted, it was against the turrible Broncos, but he posted solid numbers. There also needs to be some sort of flex scheduling for teams playing abroad. If the NFL knew that the teams playing in London would have three combined wins by week eight, they would change it. I hate these Broncos; they don’t like to play hard. It’s awful.
· The Dolphins managed to win, but their red zone offense is slightly concerning. Kicker Dan Carpenter had four field goals kicked from the 25-yard line or closer. They need to get their game together for consistent success.
· Sorry, Cowboys fans. I hope Wade is fired soon, and that your team isn’t embarrassed as they were last Sunday. David Garrard eviscerated the Dallas secondary on the way to a rout not properly represented by the score, 35-17.
· One of the more bizarre moments of Sunday’s games was the benching of Donovan McNabb for the Redskins’ two-minute drill against Detroit. Mike Shanahan replaced him with Rex Grossman! Sexy Rexy! Shanny stated that he knew the two-minute offense better and was in more shape for it. That is insane! I’m excited that they brought in JaMarcus Russell today for workouts. Go ‘skins!
· I was so excited that Buffalo vs. KC could be a tie, but then Ryan Succop HAD TO hit a field goal as time expired. KC is now 5-2, but if they want to do well later in the year, they have to do better than 75-minute win against the lowly Bills.
· I like the Rams to take the NFC West (which isn’t saying too much), even though they have not been able to win on the road yet. They have been blown out once this year, and excluding the Lions game, they lost their other three games by a combined seven points. And, if they claim Randy Moss, Sam Bradford will have a legit target for the rest of the season. They have to bank on Moss not mailing it in, though.
· Ugly win by the Packers at New Jersey against the now 5-2 Jets. This win was just the thing Green Bay needed to get back on track: a gutty, defensively dominant win against a top AFC team.
· San Diego FINALLY gets a win, but I don’t like them to catch up to Kansas City in the AFC West. Tennessee played without Kenny Britt and a 100% healthy Vince Young, and yet they only lost by eight after travelling across the country.
· Sooo, are the Raiders for real? I think we can get a definitive answer when the play Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Miami within the next few weeks.
photos· The Randy Moss-less Patriots are perhaps one of the least interesting 6-1, NFL leading teams in recent memory. Their only compelling player is Tom Brady, and the receiving corps is similar to their Super Bowl winning teams – no superstars, no prima donnas. I like my AFC pick more and more.
· The Buccaneers may not be the best team in the NFC, but their resilience is top-notch. I am excited for the Atlanta matchup next week to see if they can hang with some quality opponents. Josh Freeman may become the best quarterback out of his draft class (yeah, I said it). He is keeping up, if not exceeding, Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez with definitely less talent around him.
· Not surprised or worried by Pittsburgh’s loss in New Orleans. They played a close, tough game, but the Saints were supremely motivated. They needed to get back on track with a home win. Once they get Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush back, I think the passing offense will be greatly improved.
· I wish Houston put up more of a fight against the powerful Colts, but I’m not at all surprised losing at Indy. The Colts’ pass rush, racking up three sacks, a fumble, and constant pressure, tore up the Houston offensive line.
Most Impressive Team: Oakland Raiders
The past two weeks, they have outscored Denver and Seattle 92-17. Second place in the AFC West is definitely in the cards.
Honorable Mention: Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Most Impressive Offensive Player: LeGarrette Blount
Blount fought his way and earned the starting job, going off for 120 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries. Props for changing his attitude.
Honorable Mention: David Garrard, BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Most Impressive Defensive Player: Ndamukong Suhphotos
Suh is tearing his way to the DROY trophy, as he went for two sacks and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. When I have seen him play, he has looked like Eli Manning. The front four of Detroit tears up opponents, and Suh is a large reason for this.
Most Unimpressive Team: Dallas Cowboys/Seattle Seahawks
This should speak for itself.
Most Unimpressive Player: Randy Moss
For multiple reasons I put him down, but just like him, I’m MAILING this article in. Moss had an extremely catchable touchdown after contracting defensive pass interference in the second half. AND he was just waived from Minnesota, and will most likely have a new home tomorrow.
Best Game per Time Slot of Week 9 (Excluding Sunday/Monday night)
10:00 AM PDT
Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens
Fresh off a road win versus fresh off a bye, this should be a good game in Baltimore. As I said earlier, Miami needs to get their offense in order. I also think that the run game will be an emphasis for Baltimore.
1:05-1:15 PM PDT
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders
As an AFC West fan, I am looking forward to this matchup. There hasn’t been a matchup within the division that has me more interested in a while excluding Denver vs. San Diego.
Honorable Mention: Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Vick’s return to the starting lineup. He is always fun to watch.
Best Game of Week 9
Miami vs. Baltimore
Most Interesting Game of Week 9
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons
This will be another test for Tampa. After being blown out by Pittsburgh and New Orleans, they go up to Atlanta and try to beat the Falcons at home. This may be another comeback for Josh Freeman, as Atlanta went up big against Cincinnati, only to let them back in the game in the second half two weeks ago.
Bounce Back Performance of Week 9
Only because they cannot lose this week.
Down to Earth Performance of Week 9
Oakland Raiders
I think this is the week when Oakland doesn’t go over 20 points, and KC pulls out with a win.
Bold Predictions of Week 9
· Carson Palmer tears up the Pittsburgh defense.
· Miami rededicates to the run game after long-term neglect.
· New York falls on themselves again and loses to Detroit.


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