>Tuesday Lunch: Put the Old Donkeys Down

Posted: October 26, 2010 in nfl
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>By Will Robinson
Ugh. That’s all I have to say about NFL Week 7. Ugh. My beloved Broncos were trounced in a game with the same margin of defeat as this semi-important game one. Denver left Zach Miller WIDE open for a 43-yard touchdown, Kyle Orton threw a pick-six, and Darren McFadden scored a rushing touchdown… and that was the first six minutes of the game. Oakland was responsible for the first 38 points of the game, and Denver failed to score until 1:56 left in the first half. They opened up the 2nd half with a quick score, but then allowed Oakland to score the next 21 points, to end the game 59-14. I couldn’t turn off the game until after the 3rd quarter. Yes, it was a bit masochistic, but I was genuinely interested to see how many touchdowns McFadden could get. I wanted him to get another, for fun, to bring his total to 5. I was glad Coach McD took full blame for the game, but really, the players executed horrifically. I guess they’re trying to take the harder way to 11-5 (kidding…). Fortunately, they travel to London and play the Alex Smith-less and very disappointing 49ers.

· Roddy White and the Falcons looked very dominant in their win against Cincinnati, despite allowing the Cardiac Cats to rally in the 3rd quarter. I have the Falcons as the second best team in the NFC, behind the New York Giants, who I will discuss later. The Falcons’ defense needs to be more consistent, but I like the way their offense is rolling.
· I am so happy I didn’t watch the Redskins vs. Bears. In a game that boasted 9 turnovers, including 5 Jay Cutler interceptions (4 to DeAngelo Hall), the quarterbacks’ combined QB ratings for the game (56.8 + 54.3) was less than either quarterback in the aforementioned game. The top question of the pre-season for the Bears was: how could Jay Cutler NOT succeed in Mike Martz’s offense? Well, we have a pretty good luck six games in.
· To everyone who had Kenny Britt sit on their bench in fantasy football (present company included), I feel for you. In the league with the TSL staff, my friend Alex Satre started Britt and Darren McFadden (who I stupidly traded, thinking he would slow down this year), which led his team to the largest point total in Gnar Gnar’s two-year history (158 points) over Evan. Even without the better QB unable to take the field, the Titans crushed the Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson-less Eagles. Tennessee is a top team in the NFL. My 10-6 optimistic prediction for them may be right on track, or even too low. I could see them splitting the season series with Indy and Houston, falling to San Diego on the road, and either Kansas City or Miami, giving them that 10-6 record. I really like this team, especially when Vince Young comes back.
· So, now that the Chiefs have equaled my low-end pick for their 2010 win total, it appears they have the team to win the AFC West. They have lost to two quality opponents (Indy and Houston), and have crushed inferior ones twice this year (the San Fran rout and this Jacksonville one). Matt Cassel looks like an NFL player now and Dwayne Bowe has been one of the best receivers the past two weeks. Their schedule does not get tougher at all, with their toughest opponents being Tennessee, Oakland (2x), Seattle, and St. Louis. Yes, I know. A team is in good shape if those are their hardest games in the second half of the year.
· I’m sorry Miami fans, that was a tough loss; but, the correct call was made. The refs probably should have given Miami the ball at their own 20, but there was not conclusive evidence that Miami recovered the ball in the pile. Yes, a Dolphin emerged with the ball, but there was no way to tell if a Steeler had possession of the ball under the pile for a long time, and then a Dolphin player just took it once the pile had become less compact. Either way, the Steelers still hold the best record in football.
· Somebody get the Saints a parachute, please, because they are free falling. Who knew Reggie Bush meant this much to the team? Without Bush, they are 2-3. He isn’t the sole reason, as Pierre Thomas has been out, and they haven’t looked good in general, but the correlation coefficient is at least a 0.8 (thanks Mr. Legé!).
· I don’t agree with you Raheem Morris, that your team is the best in the NFC. Let’s see how you play against some more quality opponents, such as Atlanta in week 9/14, and Baltimore in week 12. For now, props for pulling a late victory against a decent Rams’ team.
· Stop me when you’ve heard this one before: the Niners lost–. Keep it going, and the you only have to fight the Bills for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes!
· Too close of a win for the Ravens, with a questionable fumble call in overtime. At home, a strong team has to handle the Bills, not beat them by 3 in overtime, in addition to allowing 34 points. If Baltimore wants to be a top team, they have to have a more dominant performance against a subpar team.
· Seahawks leading the NFC West? Who had that? Not this guy, that’s for sure.
· The Patriots tried another 4th and 1 this year, and failed. However, unlike last year, this was the proper call. At their own 49, the BJGE was stuffed trying to pick up the game-ending first down. San Diego drove down the field and was poised to kick a 45-yard field goal to end the game… but a false start made the field goal five yards longer, and Kris Brown missed it. The Pats are tied for the AFC East lead, and look to be a part of the elite of the 2010 season.
· Finally, Green Bay won again. Neither quarterback had a fantastic game, but The Brett Favre led Vikings fell to the Packers for the first team. The Shiancoe catch PROBABLY should have been a touchdown, and despite the Old Gunslinger’s poor game, he almost led the Vikes to a comeback win. I am slightly interested to see how the drama between him and Childress plays out this week.
· The Cowboys had a +3 turnover margin, were at home, and lost by 6 points. Yet, this game appeared MUCH more one-sided than the final result suggests. New York looked great in this game (save their first two series), and consistently hurried both quarterbacks that played. To me, they are the top team in the NFC. Barring a 2009 style collapse, they will be in contention to come back and play in Dallas a second time.

Most Impressive Team: Tennessee Titans/Kansas City Chiefs
Honorable Mention: Oakland Raiders
Most Impressive Offensive Player: Kenny Britt
Honorable Mention: Darren McFadden, Roddy White
Most Impressive Defensive Player: DeAngelo Hall
Four interceptions. Some good corners don’t reach that number in a single year, and Hall achieved that in a game.
Most Unimpressive Team: Denver Broncos
Most Unimpressive Player: Jay Cutler
Bad weekend for current and former Broncos alike! Suck it, Jay.
Best Game per Time Slot of Week 8 (Excluding Sunday/Monday night)
10:00 AM PDT
Green Bay Packers vs. New York Jets
I am very excited for this game. Green Bay travels to the Meadowlands to try and take on the red-hot, rested Jets. Should be more exciting than Denver playing in Wembley at the same hour.
1:00-1:15 PM PDT
Minnesota Vikings vs. New England Patriots
There is a pretty weak slate for afternoon games, partially because six teams are on a bye this week. However, that said, Randy Moss’ return to New England should be an interesting one.
Best Game of Week 8
Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts
NO and PIT is a close second, by the Saints have been terrible recently. The Texans had a small skid, but coming off a bye, I like them to have a good showing in Indianapolis, even though they may not win. Peyton Manning, home game, national primetime game. 95%, this is a win.
Most Interesting Game of Week 8
Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers
Two coaches go to London, ONLY ONE MAY COME BACK!
Bounce Back Performance of Week 8
New Orleans
Denver is clearly one, but as I think I have forced this down your throats already, the Saints gotta get their crap together. Losing by double digits AT home against Cleveland? Come on, now.
Down to Earth Performance of Week 8
Carson Palmer
Last week was an anomaly for Palmer, who has been horrendous this year. I think he’ll get back to his 3-interceptions-a-game form.
Bold Predictions of Week 8
· Buffalo will upset Kansas City.
· Randy Moss doesn’t try against New England.
· Jon Kitna performs better than Tony Romo’s best game this year.


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