>Thursday Lunch Special: Live NFL Draft Diary

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I was scared that my professor was going to keep us the full time, but he released us early, so I was pumped! I’ll be giving live updates to the draft as it occurs, along with my commentary. Stay tuned!

4:24 PM PDT – Steve Young just talked about how Sam Bradford had “great pocket presence,” and rolled a video of him getting JACKED UP. Bad timing, Steve-O.

4:30 – The draft has officially started! Waiting on Goodell to put the Rams on the clock.

4:33 – Goodell started the clock for St. Louis. Waiting on the Rams to pick Bradford: hope they won’t take long.

4:36 – Bradford is on the phone smiling. Good thing he’ll have that $90 million deal to make him forget he’s playing for the worst team in the league.

And it’s official. Bradford is now the face of the Rams. Why did they have to wait SO LONG for the pick to be made?

4:41 – Mortensen said it was unanimous. Why didn’t it happen earlier?!?! Also, Suh is on the phone. Another shocker in this draft if he goes to the Lions…

4:44 – Suh to Detroit. I expect big things from him in Schwartz’s system that made Haynesworth look godly.

4:49 – McCoy is on the phone, smiling like the other prospects. He’s about to walk on stage with a Tampa jersey.

4:52 – A tearful McCoy walks on stage to get his hat and jersey. Next Warren Sapp (hopefully) for Tampa.

4:55 – Adam Schefter says there have not been trade offers for Washington’s spot. He reports there should be a surprise OT picked here. Let’s see.

4:59 – No surprise at this pick, Trent Williams selected. Schefter lied to me! Damn you Schefter!!!

5:03 – Looks like Seattle is in line to get the best playmaker in the secondary. No protection for Whitehurst/Hasselbeck, for now.

5:07 – Berry to KC. They showed Berry on the phone, talking to the Chiefs. Looks like I was wrong about him going to Seattle. Dammit Schefter, you misinformed me again!

5:08 – Looks like Okung will be off the board next. Lucky for whoever starts in Starbucktown, they won’t be completely destroyed.

5:08 – Gruden said Berry has Lott ability. Hope Chucky didn’t jinx him.

5:11 – Hurry up already! We all know that Okung is going there…

5:17 – took them FOR. EV. ER. And then when they cut to commercial, they had a REALLY annoying voiceover lady. Like goddamn, what’s wrong with your voice?!?!

5:19 – I wonder what Holmgren will do. Haden… Clausen… Morgan… Wilson. We’ll see.

5:22 – Come on, Joe Haden. You’re crying a lot more than McCoy. Sack up.

5:25 – Most intriguing pick of the draft. I love watching the Raiders pick in the draft. I will be eternally happy if they pick Spiller to be their 4th running back.

5:28 – Here it is… ROLANDO MCCLAIN?!?!?! WHAT?!?!? Why!??!! Oakland did not let down! (I actually like this pick. Al Davis makes a smart move… for once).

5:31 – Damn, that took no time at all! Spiller? Wow Buffalo. Interesting pick. Goodbye to Marshawn.

5:33 – I am still in shock. Really Buffalo? You have SO MANY other needs besides adding a 3rd RB to your team. Way. To. Go.

5:35 – Jags have the pick in. Let’s see what happens…

5:37 – Tyson Alualu? Who?

5:38 – Ok Denver, don’t break my heart AGAIN.

5:41 – Ok, trading down is ok. San Fran’s pick is in.

5:45 – Kiper: “They may have been afraid that he would have been picked by the next team”. RJ: “I don’t think Miami or Denver need an offensive tackle…”

5:48 – Sandy Eggo trades up to 12, to select who… Matthews? Williams?

5:50 – Too early in my opinion for Matthews, but I am scared of having to defend him twice a year.

5:51 – I feel Bill Simmons’ pain of constant trading down. DAMMIT. Fortunately we can get a lot of quality guys. I hope.

5:56 – WOOOOOOOOOOOO BRANDON GRAHAM!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! MICHIGAN! But wow, Thomas was there? Really? What an interesting pick.


6:05 – Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl!

6:12 – Had to make some MAC AND CHEESE. Pretty good, by the way. Let’s see how the Giants go here.

6:13 – How is Morgan still on the board? Pierre-Paul goes to NY.

6:19 –Whenever Morgan comes off the board now, he’s a steal. It looks like Tennessee here.

6:20 – Yep. Finally.

6:27 – Niners get the Iupati from Idaho. Keeping Smallhands behind center for now.

6:28 – Saw that Pouncey pick from a MILE away. Everyone did.

6:35 – The ATL picks Sean Witherspoon. Honestly, I wasn’t really aware who he was until I made my mock draft. Good pick. Houston has their pick in.

6:36 – Houston gets Kareem Jackson before Kyle Wilson falls off the board. Not sure if I agree with Jackson going before Wilson, but I think he will be very good as well. Hopefully Kubiak made the right call.

6:39 – If Jermaine Gresham does not come off the board here, I’ll have one word for Cincinnati: CHILD PLEASE.

6:41 – Finally, a tight end for Carson palmer to throw to. About time. Grehsam is a straight up BEAST and will help out that Cincy passing attack.

6:43 – Denver’s first pick is NOW?! Damn, I really hope they didn’t move up for Clausen…

6:48 – Demaryius Thomas. Interesting. I think Dez will have a better career but has off the field issues apparently. Kiper was talking about how he ran the bubble screens a lot. We’ll see how he turns out. I hope he doesn’t SUCK.

6:52 – Green Bay takes Bulaga. A BIT far off from my prediction of #6, but a good value here for GB who needs offensive line help. Solid pick.

6:55 – New England is taking their time. I could see them pick up Wilson or Texas’ Sergio Kindle. Pass rush was their absolute weakness last year, and Kindle would help them. Don’t sleep on Dez either, who could fill Moss’ shoes if he truly decides to leave after this year.

6:58 – Dallas just traded up to New England’s spot. Let’s see what they do. They could go DB or WR.

6:59 – There goes Dez. Dallas got him at a great value at 24. Nice pick by Dallas. They hopped over Baltimore to grab him.

7:04 – Denver is on the clock now!??! What are they going to do now?!?! I don’t know!!!!!


7:09 – Ok, ok I need to calm down. TEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

7:13 – Apparently Denver traded three picks to move into that spot. I’m not sure how I feel about that, however for right now… TEBOW!

7:17 – I cannot believe Williams lasted on the board so long, he will be a fantastic addition to Arizona’s front seven. Great addition, great value.

7:22 – New England is on the board. Looks like they will actually pick here.

7:26 – Devin McCourty. Why is Wilson dropping so far? No one really knows. New England really need help in the passing defense department, and they got it with a cornerback here. Miami is on the clock and has their pick in. we’ll see.

7:30 – Parcells picks Jared Odrick, DT from Penn State. Looks like a beast on the tape, but Kindle should have gone here. They need some presence on the outside in their linebacking corps.

7:34 – Just saw clips of Rex Ryanisms put together funny. What a guy

7:38 – Ryan picks Kyle Wilson. Finally falls of the board. Even though they picked up Cromartie, but Wilson was easily the best on the board. Great pickup. I can’t say enough of this pick, the Jets D is going to be even BETTER this year.

7:40 – I think Clausen comes off the board right here…

7:43 – Just kidding, Lions trade up. Maybe Best goes to the Lions here? They need a running back BAD.

7:46 – There he goes. Jahvid is a BEAST, and will give some flexibility to Detroit’s offense. He is FAST, and he can catch out of the backfield. Great pick outta MoTown.

7:53 – Not sure who Indy will get here. Maybe Kindle, or Jerry Hughes from TCU. We’ll see.

7:54 – Yep, Hughes it is. Another undersized rusher to put on that Colts defense: should fit in very well.

7:55 – One more pick. Drew BREEEEEEEEEEEES! will be reading the pick off for the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints… DREW BREEEEEEEEEES!

8:03 – Drew BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEES picks Patrick Robinson from Florida State. And just like that, the draft is over. This was actually the first time I have ever sat through an entire first round, and it was great. I may watch tomorrow, but I have no idea yet. We’ll see

Until then, I have to do homework. Have a good night everyone and thanks for reading!

  1. >better than playing for the raiders

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