>Monday Lunch: Edson Buddle for President

Posted: April 19, 2010 in mls
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And by President I mean team USA. Before we get to that though, I just want to state on the record that the Hull City management is pulling an Al Davis by not Playing Jozy.

Now for my MLS thoughts:

  • Seattle can score about as well as Kansas City can defend throw ins
  • I told you guys that Chivas has no offense
  • DC is terrible. They have only one more shot on goal (15) then yellow card (14)
  • New York got really lucky because I didn’t think that either of their penalties was deserved, especially when they only drew 13,000 in their brand new stadium. DC sucks and they can still draw 20K
  • Ike Opara has as many goals as DC. Good for USA 2014 bad for my favorite MLS “team”
  • Sean Franklin was amazing until he got hurt. Once again I am all over this guy’s nuts
  • Omar Gonzalez wasn’t too bad either. Basically the future is bright for young USA defenders in MLS
  • Conor Casey’s first PK was a thing of beauty.
  • Props to Juan Pablo Angel for actually scoring and making me not look like that much of a ruhtard

Weekly Awards:

The Jaime Moreno Award (Player of the Week): I have to throw a bone to Edson Buddle. So far, he is really the MLS Player of the Decade but that is beside the point. Seven goals in 4 games, all wins is a new MLS record to start the season. I like him better then fellow BRACE scorer Herculez Gomez for the USA World Cup roster. Honorable mentions to Omar Gonzalez, Brian McBride and Joe Cannon.

The 2004-2006 Alecko Eskandarian Award (Goal of the Week): With apologies to Conor Casey’s first goal and Lovel Palmer’s blast, I have to give this goal to Buddle who was magic the whole game but won it late with this beauty of a goal. The goal comes at 3:40

The Marco Etcheverry Award (Pass of the Week): Roger Torres to Jordan Harvey was pretty good, but nothing tops Ryan Johnson’s pass to Chris Wondolowski
this week. I didn’t know this man could pass.

The Wells Thompson Award (Worst Player of the Week): Everyone on DC United for allowing 2 terrible goals. They had this one coming for 4 weeks now

The Josh Wolff Goal (Worst Goal of the Week): Michael Fucito had a nice finish but how do you not defend a throw in in the 92nd minute?


Golden Boot Standings:

1. Edson Buddle        4GP 7G 0A

Dwayne De Rosario
        4GP 4G 0A

3. Sebastien Le Toux        3GP 3G 1A

4. Javier Morales        3GP 3G 0A

5. Zach Schilawski        4GP 3G 0A

    Conor Casey        4GP 3G 0A

7. Brad Davis            4GP 2G 2A

8. Guillermo Barros Schelotto    2GP 2G 1A

9. Brian McBride        4GP 2G 1A

    Marco Pappa            4GP 2G 1A


Undefeated Teams Left:




Dropped Off Last Week:




If Playoffs Started Today:


  1. LA 4-0-0 12 points (+6)
  2. Colorado 2-1-1 7 points (+2)

Houston 2-1-1 7 points (+2)

  1. Seattle 2-1-1 7 points (+2) (fewer goals scored)



  1. New York 3-1-0 9 points (+1)
  2. KC 2-1-0 6 points (+4)
  3. NE 2-2-0 6 points (+2)
  4. SJ 2-1-1 7 points (0) (wins east 4 seed over Columbus)

Join me Thursday so I can brag about how good my picks were last week.


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