>Thursday Lunch: Week 4 Preview

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I’m sorry but the article isn’t going to be very long today. I’m pretty much just going to make my predictions and that’s it. Although my record is only 10-11 for predictions, I just want to point out that in my predictions league that is good for 168th place out of 2695. Not too shabby if I can say so myself.


Predictions: Last week 4-4 Overall 10-11


Thursday April 15th

Toronto FC 2 Philadelphia Union 1

This is one of those games that is very hard to predict. Toronto should do well because this is their home opener (on grass) but I’m not so sure because their defense looks even worse than it did when they were an expansion team. They have given up 6 goals in just two games and Philly is coming off a 3-goal performance. Ultimately, I think they get it done, but I won’t be surprised if Philly puts an 8 spot up on Toronto. I wish I were kidding.


Saturday April 17th

Seattle 1 Kansas City 0

Seattle can’t score at home and KC hasn’t played on the road. I bet this game is really boring for the first 85 minutes and then someone random like Roger Levesque or Sanna Nyassi subs in and gets a Josh Wolff style goal in a goal line scramble. Yes, we will go with that.


Houston 1 Chivas 0

Houston HAS to win this game. Chivas has created like two legitimate scoring opportunities this whole season (I’m being generous). Their defense looks solid enough, but someone is going to have to step up and score the goals. I don’t see it happening, but I do see them getting a shutout and having a goal come from midfield or defense. This game should be boring.


DC 1 Chicago 1

Chicago hasn’t really been able to score, but DC hasn’t been able to stop anyone. It only looks to be getting worse for DC because Pena is out on the backline and that means 1-2 weeks of Julius James. Still I think DC gets a point here at home and that Santino Quaranta has a big say in it.


New York 2 Dallas 1

I don’t think New York should have lost last week. They were the better team, but a huge error by Bouna Time cost them. I say they bounce back against a Dallas team that just got a huge point from Columbus. I also think this will be Juan Pablo Angel’s breakout game with him getting one or both of the goals.


San Jose 2 New England 3

Both of these teams are better then I originally thought, and I originally had this game 1-3, but apparently, Shalrie Joseph is out so that changes things. Everyone knows that I have a giant man crush on Shalrie. He could have started the last World Cup and this one for us if he didn’t play for Grenada earlier in his career. What a shame. ANYWAYS I still think New England is the better team and will get the result in San Jose. I don’t think it would happen, but it would be cool if Zach Schilawski scored again. It has been a long time since a rookie lit up the league in scoring. Damani Ralph holds the rookie record with 11 goals in 2003. It would be cool to see someone break it.


LA Galaxy 2 Real Salt Lake 0

The MLS Cup rematch. Every time one of these takes place, the losing team always seems more motivated to win it. This might not be the case with RSL being a middle of the table team, but I think Landon wants to win this. And when Landon wants to win, good things happen. RSL will have a hard time breaking down the LA defense especially if Javier Morales is out. Either way I say this game is no contest and the Galaxy easily wins it.


Sunday April 18th

Colorado 3 Toronto 1

Toronto has a terrible defense. Colorado has Omar Cummings and Connor Casey.


That’s all for today, join me Monday for my week 4 recap.

  1. Flyingoose says:

    >way to go on the sj-ne prediction. tard.

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