>Tuesday Lunch: What were they thinking?!?

Posted: April 5, 2010 in nfl
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   I cannot believe why the Eagles did what they did. I mean, Kevin Kolb looks like the future, and they want to give him the opportunity to play while he can, but why would they deal their pro-bowl quarterback to a division rival with a head coach who knows how to work with quarterbacks?!?! Look at the track record. John Elway could NOT win the big game to save his life, and after Shanahan came, Elway won two in a row and retired going away into the sunset. He made Jake Plummer a player who did not throw a massive amount of interceptions, and had a pretty sweet pornstache as well. Cutler was looking like a star in the making, and under a few more years of Shanahan, I think he would have been great. For his quarterbacks, Shanahan likes to have a great running system setup, and a star left tackle/center. The 97/98 Broncos had Gary Zimmerman (Hall of Famer), Tony E Jones (Pro Bowl season in 1998) at left tackle and Tom Nalen (perennial Pro Bowler) at center. This also cements that there is no way that the Redskins pick Jimmy Clausen at the #4 spot, and they will definitely draft Russell Okung at that spot.

   Look at Donovan McNabb: five NFC Championship games, and no rings. Only one trip to the Super Bowl. Even though he is the Eagle leading passing, Andy Reid and co. apparently felt like it was time to part ways. An argument could use is that McNabb is starting to age (33), and that his legs aren’t quite what they used to. Peyton Manning had arguably his best season last year when he was 33, but he is also a pocket passer and not a scrambler like McNabb who uses his legs quite often. One thing that McNabb will not have in DC is a dominant receiving corps. He was finally getting the weapons he needed in Philly (Jackson, Maclin, Celek, McCoy, etc.) and in DC they have no true #1 receiver, and a potpourri of running backs, some over the hill (yes, I said potpourri). The defense in Philly is younger than DC’s, and I think slightly better with more potential. But the ‘skins defense is solid. Hell, the redskins are already talking contract extension? This is going to be their quarterback for the next three seasons (barring some unforeseen event). Shanny must think that he can use McNabb short term in order to spark the offense, and from what we saw last year from him, he is definitely an upgrade over Jason Campbell. If I were the Giants or Cowboys, I would be pissed that because of this trade, every team now has a quarterback that has either been to a Pro Bowl, or has the potential for such.

   On the alternative, tell me if this story sounds familiar. A team’s franchise quarterback is hurt, and their young backup quarterback has a high amount of success for his age while the star is hurt. He makes such an impression that the team decides to trade that franchise quarterback to a division rival. Any ideas? I’m waiting. Waiting… Yes that’s right! That does sound like the Eagles and the 2001 Patriots! Good job! Bledsoe was the cornerstone of New England, but when Brady came in and won a Super Bowl, there was no reason to keep Bledsoe, who had a MONSTER 10-year, $103 million deal, when they had their franchise in that sixth round pick who shared snaps his senior year at Michigan. For all we know, McNabb may do very little or a lot for Washington, but the Eagles thought that McNabb was worth a top 40 pick, as well as the young Kolb starting to take snaps. Who knew Brady was going to be good? Very few people. There’s no way that anyone outside of Brady’s entourage (him and his mom) thought that he could win three rings, much less one. He obviously had the intangibles that are needed at the quarterback position (which is why I think Tebow can be great in the league, but that’s for a different time), and was not afraid of coming in during his second season. Hopefully for Reid’s and Kolb’s sake, Kolb and Michael Vick can seamlessly fill McNabb’s shoes.

   Anyways, this was inarguably the biggest news in the NFL for a while, and deserved its own article. Next week I will HOPEFULLY have something more fun/interesting to talk about. Sorry for the short article, this quarter in school has a TON of writing for me so there’s only so much I can do. Until then, you should enjoy Champions League or Europe League soccer, or the opening of the baseball season.


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