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I was scared that my professor was going to keep us the full time, but he released us early, so I was pumped! I’ll be giving live updates to the draft as it occurs, along with my commentary. Stay tuned!

4:24 PM PDT – Steve Young just talked about how Sam Bradford had “great pocket presence,” and rolled a video of him getting JACKED UP. Bad timing, Steve-O.

4:30 – The draft has officially started! Waiting on Goodell to put the Rams on the clock.

4:33 – Goodell started the clock for St. Louis. Waiting on the Rams to pick Bradford: hope they won’t take long.

4:36 – Bradford is on the phone smiling. Good thing he’ll have that $90 million deal to make him forget he’s playing for the worst team in the league.

And it’s official. Bradford is now the face of the Rams. Why did they have to wait SO LONG for the pick to be made?

4:41 – Mortensen said it was unanimous. Why didn’t it happen earlier?!?! Also, Suh is on the phone. Another shocker in this draft if he goes to the Lions…

4:44 – Suh to Detroit. I expect big things from him in Schwartz’s system that made Haynesworth look godly.

4:49 – McCoy is on the phone, smiling like the other prospects. He’s about to walk on stage with a Tampa jersey.

4:52 – A tearful McCoy walks on stage to get his hat and jersey. Next Warren Sapp (hopefully) for Tampa.

4:55 – Adam Schefter says there have not been trade offers for Washington’s spot. He reports there should be a surprise OT picked here. Let’s see.

4:59 – No surprise at this pick, Trent Williams selected. Schefter lied to me! Damn you Schefter!!!

5:03 – Looks like Seattle is in line to get the best playmaker in the secondary. No protection for Whitehurst/Hasselbeck, for now.

5:07 – Berry to KC. They showed Berry on the phone, talking to the Chiefs. Looks like I was wrong about him going to Seattle. Dammit Schefter, you misinformed me again!

5:08 – Looks like Okung will be off the board next. Lucky for whoever starts in Starbucktown, they won’t be completely destroyed.

5:08 – Gruden said Berry has Lott ability. Hope Chucky didn’t jinx him.

5:11 – Hurry up already! We all know that Okung is going there…

5:17 – took them FOR. EV. ER. And then when they cut to commercial, they had a REALLY annoying voiceover lady. Like goddamn, what’s wrong with your voice?!?!

5:19 – I wonder what Holmgren will do. Haden… Clausen… Morgan… Wilson. We’ll see.

5:22 – Come on, Joe Haden. You’re crying a lot more than McCoy. Sack up.

5:25 – Most intriguing pick of the draft. I love watching the Raiders pick in the draft. I will be eternally happy if they pick Spiller to be their 4th running back.

5:28 – Here it is… ROLANDO MCCLAIN?!?!?! WHAT?!?!? Why!??!! Oakland did not let down! (I actually like this pick. Al Davis makes a smart move… for once).

5:31 – Damn, that took no time at all! Spiller? Wow Buffalo. Interesting pick. Goodbye to Marshawn.

5:33 – I am still in shock. Really Buffalo? You have SO MANY other needs besides adding a 3rd RB to your team. Way. To. Go.

5:35 – Jags have the pick in. Let’s see what happens…

5:37 – Tyson Alualu? Who?

5:38 – Ok Denver, don’t break my heart AGAIN.

5:41 – Ok, trading down is ok. San Fran’s pick is in.

5:45 – Kiper: “They may have been afraid that he would have been picked by the next team”. RJ: “I don’t think Miami or Denver need an offensive tackle…”

5:48 – Sandy Eggo trades up to 12, to select who… Matthews? Williams?

5:50 – Too early in my opinion for Matthews, but I am scared of having to defend him twice a year.

5:51 – I feel Bill Simmons’ pain of constant trading down. DAMMIT. Fortunately we can get a lot of quality guys. I hope.

5:56 – WOOOOOOOOOOOO BRANDON GRAHAM!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! MICHIGAN! But wow, Thomas was there? Really? What an interesting pick.


6:05 – Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl!

6:12 – Had to make some MAC AND CHEESE. Pretty good, by the way. Let’s see how the Giants go here.

6:13 – How is Morgan still on the board? Pierre-Paul goes to NY.

6:19 –Whenever Morgan comes off the board now, he’s a steal. It looks like Tennessee here.

6:20 – Yep. Finally.

6:27 – Niners get the Iupati from Idaho. Keeping Smallhands behind center for now.

6:28 – Saw that Pouncey pick from a MILE away. Everyone did.

6:35 – The ATL picks Sean Witherspoon. Honestly, I wasn’t really aware who he was until I made my mock draft. Good pick. Houston has their pick in.

6:36 – Houston gets Kareem Jackson before Kyle Wilson falls off the board. Not sure if I agree with Jackson going before Wilson, but I think he will be very good as well. Hopefully Kubiak made the right call.

6:39 – If Jermaine Gresham does not come off the board here, I’ll have one word for Cincinnati: CHILD PLEASE.

6:41 – Finally, a tight end for Carson palmer to throw to. About time. Grehsam is a straight up BEAST and will help out that Cincy passing attack.

6:43 – Denver’s first pick is NOW?! Damn, I really hope they didn’t move up for Clausen…

6:48 – Demaryius Thomas. Interesting. I think Dez will have a better career but has off the field issues apparently. Kiper was talking about how he ran the bubble screens a lot. We’ll see how he turns out. I hope he doesn’t SUCK.

6:52 – Green Bay takes Bulaga. A BIT far off from my prediction of #6, but a good value here for GB who needs offensive line help. Solid pick.

6:55 – New England is taking their time. I could see them pick up Wilson or Texas’ Sergio Kindle. Pass rush was their absolute weakness last year, and Kindle would help them. Don’t sleep on Dez either, who could fill Moss’ shoes if he truly decides to leave after this year.

6:58 – Dallas just traded up to New England’s spot. Let’s see what they do. They could go DB or WR.

6:59 – There goes Dez. Dallas got him at a great value at 24. Nice pick by Dallas. They hopped over Baltimore to grab him.

7:04 – Denver is on the clock now!??! What are they going to do now?!?! I don’t know!!!!!


7:09 – Ok, ok I need to calm down. TEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

7:13 – Apparently Denver traded three picks to move into that spot. I’m not sure how I feel about that, however for right now… TEBOW!

7:17 – I cannot believe Williams lasted on the board so long, he will be a fantastic addition to Arizona’s front seven. Great addition, great value.

7:22 – New England is on the board. Looks like they will actually pick here.

7:26 – Devin McCourty. Why is Wilson dropping so far? No one really knows. New England really need help in the passing defense department, and they got it with a cornerback here. Miami is on the clock and has their pick in. we’ll see.

7:30 – Parcells picks Jared Odrick, DT from Penn State. Looks like a beast on the tape, but Kindle should have gone here. They need some presence on the outside in their linebacking corps.

7:34 – Just saw clips of Rex Ryanisms put together funny. What a guy

7:38 – Ryan picks Kyle Wilson. Finally falls of the board. Even though they picked up Cromartie, but Wilson was easily the best on the board. Great pickup. I can’t say enough of this pick, the Jets D is going to be even BETTER this year.

7:40 – I think Clausen comes off the board right here…

7:43 – Just kidding, Lions trade up. Maybe Best goes to the Lions here? They need a running back BAD.

7:46 – There he goes. Jahvid is a BEAST, and will give some flexibility to Detroit’s offense. He is FAST, and he can catch out of the backfield. Great pick outta MoTown.

7:53 – Not sure who Indy will get here. Maybe Kindle, or Jerry Hughes from TCU. We’ll see.

7:54 – Yep, Hughes it is. Another undersized rusher to put on that Colts defense: should fit in very well.

7:55 – One more pick. Drew BREEEEEEEEEEEES! will be reading the pick off for the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints… DREW BREEEEEEEEEES!

8:03 – Drew BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEES picks Patrick Robinson from Florida State. And just like that, the draft is over. This was actually the first time I have ever sat through an entire first round, and it was great. I may watch tomorrow, but I have no idea yet. We’ll see

Until then, I have to do homework. Have a good night everyone and thanks for reading!



Unfortunately, according to FC Sochaux’s president Charlie Davies will not play again this season. I don’t know what this means for his World Cup hopes but I don’t even want to think about it right now. I’m just going to get on with my MLS predictions.


Predictions: Last week 6-2 (including 4 correct score lines) Overall 16-13


Thursday April 22nd

Dallas 1 Seattle 1

Dallas can’t seem to win any games because Jeff Cunningham has yet to break out. He has missed many easy chances already this season. Seattle has a good defense but has obvious struggles scoring. My only question is if no one is here to see this game, did it ever really happen?


Saturday April 24th

New York 3 Philadelphia 1

I like what New York has been doing this season and as of now, I see them as dark horse MLS Cup contenders. I also like what Philly, especially Roger Torres, has been doing. That being said this game should be easy for New York with Dan Califf suspended and an in form Juan Pablo Angel.


Columbus 3 Salt Lake 0

This may come as a surprise to many of you but the Crew are rested and Salt Lake will have their second consecutive game away also missing their best player in Javi Morales. I think that Columbus has been waiting for this game ever since they were played off their own field in the playoffs. There is no way they are losing this one.


New England 2 Colorado 1

I haven’t been too impressed by Colorado this season but they have still been getting results. New England should take this one at home and even though I only picked them to win by one that is only because of the uncertain status of Shalrie Joseph.


Chicago 1 Houston 2

Chicago is bad at home. Houston is on a roll. I think they take this one easily as Kinnear’s men return to being a top Western Conference team.


KC 0 LA 1

Both of these teams have excellent defenses but I think that LA steals three points late with an Edson Buddle strike


Chivas 1 San Jose 2

The only reason I am even picking Chivas to score is that they are at home, they probably won’t score. They are almost as bad as DC.


Sunday April 25th

Toronto 2 Seattle 2

Too much travel from Seattle to win. Too much sucking from Toronto to win.


And by President I mean team USA. Before we get to that though, I just want to state on the record that the Hull City management is pulling an Al Davis by not Playing Jozy.

Now for my MLS thoughts:

  • Seattle can score about as well as Kansas City can defend throw ins
  • I told you guys that Chivas has no offense
  • DC is terrible. They have only one more shot on goal (15) then yellow card (14)
  • New York got really lucky because I didn’t think that either of their penalties was deserved, especially when they only drew 13,000 in their brand new stadium. DC sucks and they can still draw 20K
  • Ike Opara has as many goals as DC. Good for USA 2014 bad for my favorite MLS “team”
  • Sean Franklin was amazing until he got hurt. Once again I am all over this guy’s nuts
  • Omar Gonzalez wasn’t too bad either. Basically the future is bright for young USA defenders in MLS
  • Conor Casey’s first PK was a thing of beauty.
  • Props to Juan Pablo Angel for actually scoring and making me not look like that much of a ruhtard

Weekly Awards:

The Jaime Moreno Award (Player of the Week): I have to throw a bone to Edson Buddle. So far, he is really the MLS Player of the Decade but that is beside the point. Seven goals in 4 games, all wins is a new MLS record to start the season. I like him better then fellow BRACE scorer Herculez Gomez for the USA World Cup roster. Honorable mentions to Omar Gonzalez, Brian McBride and Joe Cannon.

The 2004-2006 Alecko Eskandarian Award (Goal of the Week): With apologies to Conor Casey’s first goal and Lovel Palmer’s blast, I have to give this goal to Buddle who was magic the whole game but won it late with this beauty of a goal. The goal comes at 3:40

The Marco Etcheverry Award (Pass of the Week): Roger Torres to Jordan Harvey was pretty good, but nothing tops Ryan Johnson’s pass to Chris Wondolowski
this week. I didn’t know this man could pass.

The Wells Thompson Award (Worst Player of the Week): Everyone on DC United for allowing 2 terrible goals. They had this one coming for 4 weeks now

The Josh Wolff Goal (Worst Goal of the Week): Michael Fucito had a nice finish but how do you not defend a throw in in the 92nd minute?


Golden Boot Standings:

1. Edson Buddle        4GP 7G 0A

Dwayne De Rosario
        4GP 4G 0A

3. Sebastien Le Toux        3GP 3G 1A

4. Javier Morales        3GP 3G 0A

5. Zach Schilawski        4GP 3G 0A

    Conor Casey        4GP 3G 0A

7. Brad Davis            4GP 2G 2A

8. Guillermo Barros Schelotto    2GP 2G 1A

9. Brian McBride        4GP 2G 1A

    Marco Pappa            4GP 2G 1A


Undefeated Teams Left:




Dropped Off Last Week:




If Playoffs Started Today:


  1. LA 4-0-0 12 points (+6)
  2. Colorado 2-1-1 7 points (+2)

Houston 2-1-1 7 points (+2)

  1. Seattle 2-1-1 7 points (+2) (fewer goals scored)



  1. New York 3-1-0 9 points (+1)
  2. KC 2-1-0 6 points (+4)
  3. NE 2-2-0 6 points (+2)
  4. SJ 2-1-1 7 points (0) (wins east 4 seed over Columbus)

Join me Thursday so I can brag about how good my picks were last week.


I’m sorry but the article isn’t going to be very long today. I’m pretty much just going to make my predictions and that’s it. Although my record is only 10-11 for predictions, I just want to point out that in my predictions league that is good for 168th place out of 2695. Not too shabby if I can say so myself.


Predictions: Last week 4-4 Overall 10-11


Thursday April 15th

Toronto FC 2 Philadelphia Union 1

This is one of those games that is very hard to predict. Toronto should do well because this is their home opener (on grass) but I’m not so sure because their defense looks even worse than it did when they were an expansion team. They have given up 6 goals in just two games and Philly is coming off a 3-goal performance. Ultimately, I think they get it done, but I won’t be surprised if Philly puts an 8 spot up on Toronto. I wish I were kidding.


Saturday April 17th

Seattle 1 Kansas City 0

Seattle can’t score at home and KC hasn’t played on the road. I bet this game is really boring for the first 85 minutes and then someone random like Roger Levesque or Sanna Nyassi subs in and gets a Josh Wolff style goal in a goal line scramble. Yes, we will go with that.


Houston 1 Chivas 0

Houston HAS to win this game. Chivas has created like two legitimate scoring opportunities this whole season (I’m being generous). Their defense looks solid enough, but someone is going to have to step up and score the goals. I don’t see it happening, but I do see them getting a shutout and having a goal come from midfield or defense. This game should be boring.


DC 1 Chicago 1

Chicago hasn’t really been able to score, but DC hasn’t been able to stop anyone. It only looks to be getting worse for DC because Pena is out on the backline and that means 1-2 weeks of Julius James. Still I think DC gets a point here at home and that Santino Quaranta has a big say in it.


New York 2 Dallas 1

I don’t think New York should have lost last week. They were the better team, but a huge error by Bouna Time cost them. I say they bounce back against a Dallas team that just got a huge point from Columbus. I also think this will be Juan Pablo Angel’s breakout game with him getting one or both of the goals.


San Jose 2 New England 3

Both of these teams are better then I originally thought, and I originally had this game 1-3, but apparently, Shalrie Joseph is out so that changes things. Everyone knows that I have a giant man crush on Shalrie. He could have started the last World Cup and this one for us if he didn’t play for Grenada earlier in his career. What a shame. ANYWAYS I still think New England is the better team and will get the result in San Jose. I don’t think it would happen, but it would be cool if Zach Schilawski scored again. It has been a long time since a rookie lit up the league in scoring. Damani Ralph holds the rookie record with 11 goals in 2003. It would be cool to see someone break it.


LA Galaxy 2 Real Salt Lake 0

The MLS Cup rematch. Every time one of these takes place, the losing team always seems more motivated to win it. This might not be the case with RSL being a middle of the table team, but I think Landon wants to win this. And when Landon wants to win, good things happen. RSL will have a hard time breaking down the LA defense especially if Javier Morales is out. Either way I say this game is no contest and the Galaxy easily wins it.


Sunday April 18th

Colorado 3 Toronto 1

Toronto has a terrible defense. Colorado has Omar Cummings and Connor Casey.


That’s all for today, join me Monday for my week 4 recap.


Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s lunch. Since the Big 12 South has won the last six Big 12 titles and ten out of 14 total, it’s safe to say that the North has been lacking. Out of the four titles that the North has won, two have been by Nebraska. So that means in 14 years of play, the five other schools in the Big 12 North have combined for two conference championships. The North has only won two BCS games ever, and one of those was by Kansas in 2006, a team that didn’t even win the division (yet another reason the BCS sucks. That year Missouri beat Kansas and didn’t make the BCS, even though they had the same number of wins and won the division they shared. They also had a more difficult schedule, playing Oklahoma twice.) What I’m trying to say is that this division is weak; therefore, I will be calling them the Big 12 Weak. Conversely, I will refer to the South as the Big 12 Strong, or something along those lines. All of this is leading me to not caring at all about this division, so this week’s predictions are going to be short and not so sweet, kind of like Matt Smith (that was a joke for the two people who know Matt Smith and read this blog) To make up for that I’ll be having an extra-long top five list. Let’s get into the predictions, which I’ll be doing in the traditional, boring way, because that’s all this division deserves.

1. Nebraska 10-4 (6-2 conference)

Yes, this team lost Ndamukong Suh, but they have a capable replacement in Jared Crick. It’s yet to be seen if Crick was actually good, or if he just got a lot of room because Suh got triple teamed every play. The offense that looked atrocious against Texas exploded against Arizona in the bowl game, and should be decently improved this year. No team in the Big 12 Strong looks particularly dominant this year, so I could see them sneaking into a BCS bowl before being trounced by a team that’s actually good. Most likely a loss to Texas or Oklahoma is in the works.


2. Iowa State 7-6 (3-5 conference)

A couple years ago, this team won two games, but they have rapidly improved under Coach Paul Rhoads and this is my surprise team for 2010. They won seven games and went to a bowl game last year. Their defense was very good and should improve to a potentially dominating unit. If the offense does anything, they should get back to a bowl again this year. This shows how weak this division is this year; Iowa State could potentially pull off an upset or two and go to the championship game to be this years’ sacrificial lamb.


3. Missouri 8-5 (4-4 conference)

This team took a few steps back after losing Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin and Chase Coffman to the pros, but Blaine Gabbert has the talent and even thought leading receiver Denario Alexander is gone, he should put up big numbers. I know nothing about the defense, but if they’re ok this year, the Tigers could challenge Nebraska for sacrificial lamb status.


4, 5, 6 Kansas State 6-6 (4-4 conference), Colorado 3-9 (2-6 conference), Kansas 5-7 (1-7 conference)

Two of these teams will be awful and one may make some noise with a few early wins before settling for 7 wins and a shitty bowl, but I don’t know or care enough to figure out which one will be which. The only way things could be worse for this division would be if this guy were involved.

Basically, I care nothing about this division and the Mountain West Conference will be much, much better this year.

Now, I’ve decided to switch it up just a little this week with my top five. Since I gave you absolutely nothing in terms of college football news or insight about this year so far, I thought I would give you a little insight into the past years. This top five list will be shown in its entirety today. That’s right, all five will be revealed today. Aren’t you excited? AREN’T YOU? This week’s list will top five teams of the past 15 years. Let’s do this.


5. 2000 Oklahoma – The defense was incredible, only allowing 20 points to an opponent three times the entire year. The offense was good when it needed to be and the schedule was a monster. They played the number one and two teams in back to back weeks and played five top 11 teams all year. They culminated the season with a ridiculous 13-2 beat down of favored Florida State in the title game.

Notable Players: Mark Clayton-WR, Quentin Griffin-RB, Rocky Calmus-LB, Teddy Lehman-LB and Roy Williams-DB.


4. 2002 Ohio State – This team won 14 games, something that is almost impossible without a conference championship game. The defense allowed 20 points only twice all year, and one of those was in double-overtime against Miami. They allowed less than 14 points per game, and the offense was solid when it had to be. The thing that stands out about this team is its will. It won seven games that were decided by 7 points or less. That’s half of their games for the whole year! They beat a fearsome Miami team that was looking to etch itself as possibly the best dynasty ever, and even though they got fluke call in overtime, they did dominate for most of the game and should have won before then. This team was truly great.

Notable Players: Craig Krenzel-QB, Maurice Clarrett-RB, Chris Gamble-WR/DB/KR/PR, Michael Jenkins-WR, Santonio Holmes- WR, Nick Mangold-C, Shane Olivea-OL, Will Smith-DL, Bobby Carpenter-LB, A.J. Hawk-LB, Mike Doss-DB, Nate Salley-DB, Will Allen-DB and Mike Nugent-K


3. 2005 Texas – Vince Young. That’s pretty much all you need to know about this team, but there’s much more. They beat Ohio State and USC by 3 points each, but they won the rest of their games by an average of 36 points per game. They won the Big 12 championship game by a score of 70-3. Yeah, 70-3. They defeated USC in one of the greatest games ever played to solidify the greatest year in Texas history, and their place among the greatest teams ever.

Notable Players: Vince Young-QB, Colt McCoy-QB, Ramonce Taylor-RB/WR, Selvin Young-RB, Jamaal Charles-RB, Ahmard Hall-RB/FB, Brian Carter-WR, Limas Sweed-WR, Billy Pittman-WR, Quan Cosby-WR, Jordan Shipley-WR, David Thomas-TE, Kasey Studdard-OL, Justin Blalock-OL, Bryan Robison-DE, Tim Crowder-DE, Bryan Orakpo-DE, Rodrique Wright-DT, Frank Okam-DT, Aaron Harris-LB, Roddrick Muckleroy-LB, Robert Killebrew-LB, Cedric Griffin-DB, Aaron Ross-DB, Michael Huff-DB, Marcus Griffin-DB and Michael Griffin-DB.


2. 2001 Miami – If this were a best-NFL-players-on-a-college-team contest, this team would win hands down. With that being said, they were absolutely incredible on the field in college. They had one close game all year, a two-point win over ranked Virginia Tech. They had no other single digit victories all year and they capped it off with a domination of Nebraska that wasn’t as close as the score indicated.

Notable Players: Ken Dorsey-QB, Najeh Davenport-FB, Clinton Portis-RB, Willis McGahee-RB, Andre Johnson-WR, Antrell Rolle-DB, Mike Rumph-DB, DJ Williams-LB, Ed Reed-DB, Sean Taylor-DB, Phillip Buchannon-DB, Frank Gore-RB, Jarrett Payton-RB (not a great player, but he is Walter Payton’s son, so I put him on this list), Jonathon Vilma-LB, Vince Wilfork-DL, Bryant Mckinnie-OL, Kellen Winslow-TE, Roscoe Parrish-WR, Kevin Everett-TE and Jeremy Shockey-TE.


1. 1995 Nebraska – This team was scary, and by the end of the year, it was like they were playing a video game. They scored at least 35 points every game. At least 40 in 12 games. At least 49 in 8 games. Their smallest margin of victory was 14 points. They averaged 30 points in the first half and 53 points per game. They won by more than 38 points per game. Basically, they could score a lot. The triple option run by Tommy Frasier that year was a remarkable sight; I’m trusting people at this point because I’ve only seen bits and pieces of this team. They averaged 7 yards per rush and allowed no QB sacks the entire season.

Notable Players: Tommy Frazier-QB, Ahman Green-RB, Lawrence Phillips-RB, Grant Wistrom-DE/OLB, Kris Brown-K and Mike Minter-S.


I also thought of adding the 2004 USC Trojans, but then I realized they didn’t play Auburn who went undefeated out of the SEC that year, so I had to penalize them for that. I also dislike USC. In addition, this happened later. As you can see, NFL talent has a fair amount to do with success in college, but it’s not everything. That’s all the time we have for today, but check back in next week for a more in-depth look at the Big11 and another top five list.


…or very bad. I really am not sure yet, but I am leaning towards very good. The Jets now have two true #1 receivers for the first time I can remember for their developing quarterback. Braylon “I like to drop the ball” Edwards and Santonio Holmes should form a receiver tandem that will compete to be the best in the AFC East. Sadly now, this almost guarantees that my mock draft will NOT be 100% perfect (as I have the Jets taking Dez Bryant in the first round). But that’s beside the point. I may/may not fix my draft to reflect the trade. Cause that’s how I roll.

But back to this deal. I commend the Steelers for taking a firm stand on troublemaking individuals on their team. Big Ben Roethlisberger does not get cut off immediately because 1) he is a top five quarterback, 2) the Steelers invested a killer contract into him (+$100 million) 3)he hasn’t done anything that has warranted any action from the league and 4) he’s their franchise. The last one is probably the most important, even though he has been accused of sexual assault twice. If they simply got rid of Roethlisberger without massive compensation, it cripples the franchise for who knows how long. Holmes, despite being a Super Bowl MVP and 1000 yard receiver, had worthy backups to fill his spot (Mike Wallace, and maybe Limas Sweed). Even though Holmes made all but one-two catches on the Super Bowl winning drive, Ben made plenty of moves in the backfield to extend plays, or made the right throws to the right receiver. The backup QBs are average. Dixon looked great until his final mistake in overtime against Baltimore, and is probably the #2 guy there. The Steelers were apparently fed up with Santonio’s off the field actions, and had to cut their ties. The one part that does puzzle me is the price of him. My opinion is that Holmes, being a Super Bowl MVP and being 26, is worth at least a second round pick. A fifth rounder seems so cheap, even if it’s only for 12 games and no-guarantee that he’ll resign after this year.

I know I’m not the first to think of this, but this really was a warning shot at Big Ben, or at least I believe it to be. Roethlisberger just got out possible criminal prosecution for his second rape case, and will probably have to endure another civil one. Since buying the franchise, the Rooney family has been the class of NFL owners. They play by their rules, and do what they think is best for their team, their reputation and the city of Pittsburgh. While this offseason is the first uncapped one, the front office established a self-imposed salary cap to avoid the temptation of overspending on players. This is what I think the Rooney’s are trying to say: stop going after girls way younger than you (like someone I used to know…) and hold onto some responsibility. Pittsburgh immediately embraced Ben in his rookie year, and controls the direction of the team as its quarterback. I’ll put money on Ben getting the message, and the Steelers actually doing better than last season.

Rex Ryan has what Bill Raftery calls “onions”. He is not afraid to get players that others seem “volatile” or a coach’s worst nightmare. Reminds me of this guy… Anyways. Ryan has made a great squad that could perform very well for him, or backfire. Cromartie has many domestic issues, Holmes has issues I’ve mentioned before and Edwards has had his issues in Cleveland. There could be a number of things that can happen to New York, but I have a feeling that the Jets will be very good next year. We’ll see how it turns out in a few months. Until then, expect bigger columns when stuff starts picking up in the NFL, aka around the draft. See you next week, where I’ll either be very happy (Broncos keep B Marsh or deal him for a first rounder) or very sad (Broncos keep B Marsh and trade him for less than a first rounder)!


Before I get to my MLS week 3 recap I just want to talk about Jozy Altidore for a second. Jozy hasn’t been scoring regularly for Hull City this year. He has hit for just 1 goal in 25 appearances so clearly he hasn’t been effective, right? Wrong. Jozy has been Hull’s most dynamic player and he even made the EPL team of the week 2 weeks ago without scoring. So maybe the numbers don’t tell the story about Jozy. This is again wrong as they definitely do, you just have to find the correct numbers. According to the official EPL website Jozy has 7 assists this year which is 16th in the whole league. Furthermore Altidore has drawn an amazing 4 penalties this year; so you can say that he has factored into 12 of Hulls 33 goals despite starting just 15 of these games and only playing in 25 of them. In reality young Jozy has been an offensive force and the only reason that he hasn’t scored more goals this year is because he hasn’t been set up with opportunities like this:

The fact is that Jozy has been doing all the setting up and no one on his team has been dynamic enough to set him up with chances like this. If he keeps providing opportunities like this and playing like this overall during the World Cup, I will have no objections. Jozy has shown that he doesn’t always need to score to be effective.


Also of note, Fulham are through to the Europa League Semifinals, where they will play Hamburg. The Fulham squad is looking great in this competition and to make the semifinals has already been the biggest achievement in their club’s history. I think they can win it all.


Now for my MLS week 3 thoughts (in no particular order):

  • Chris Tierney is turning into one of the best left backs in the league. He is a solid defender who can really get into the attack.

  • I do not think that Dejan Jakovic deserved to be sent off; I don’t even think he fouled Alejandro Moreno, but this being said, DC cannot defend one bit.

  • I don’t care that Chivas won, they are still terrible. Their offense may score fewer than one goal per game this year. They didn’t really create either of their opportunities with good build up.

  • As much as I know I’m going to hate Philly, props to their fans for a great turnout of almost 35,000

  • Sean Franklin is having a Best XI year as right back/midfielder. This man has been serving up some quality balls from the right wing while not getting beat at all. Omar Gonzalez hasn’t been too shabby either.

  • Nick Garcia had a great cross to Dwayne De Rosario for Toronto’s goal against New England. This doesn’t take away from the fact that he is terrible though and his giveaway led to New England’s go ahead goal.

  • Sainey Nyassi had a great cross on New England’s first goal. If he has actually figured out how to cross, MLS needs to watch out.

  • Shalrie Joseph showed in his return why he is a top five player in MLS. That ball to Kheli Dube on New England’s third goal was unreal

  • It looks like I will actually have to learn how to spell Zack Schilawski after he became just the third rookie to hit for a hat trick.

  • Jeff Cunningham’s goal should give him confidence to score in open play

  • Jaime Moreno’s goal was pure class

  • Steven Lenhart‘s pass to Adam Moffat showed amazing vision. If he keeps making plays like this, he won’t need to score double digit goals for the Crew to be successful.

  • I’m still not sure how Edson Buddle‘s first goal went in

  • Buddle is on pace for 50 goals this season

  • Luis Landín is an idiot. In addition to being fat he cost his team a chance at getting at least a point against the Galaxy.

  • Arlo White is the best MLS commentator now that Max Bretos doesn’t do it anymore

  • RSL’s new home uniforms are sick

Weekly Awards:

The Jaime Moreno Award (Player of the Week): Sadly enough I must give this award to Sebastien Le Toux for what will go down in history as the 2ndbest game by a single player in a franchise’s first home game (No one can beat Ching Kong’s legendary four goal game in Houston’s first game). Honorable mentions to Zach Schilawski and Sean Franklin.Get Microsoft Silverlight

The 2004-2006 Alecko Eskandarian Award (Goal of the Week): I’m sure 99% of people won’t agree with me for this one but Jaime Moreno wins it this week. This goal looks at first glance to be just a goalkeeping error, but I am convinced that it was nothing of the sort. Jaime got inside Chris Seitz’s head and scored a goal that I don’t think any other player in the league could have or would have scored. In addition to getting the ball, his finish was pure class. No one else in MLS has this kind of composure or patience. This is why Jaime Moreno has more goals than anyone else and is the best all time player in MLS.

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The Marco Etcheverry Award (Pass of the Week): Alejandro Moreno wins this award by a landslide for his assist on Le Toux’s second goal. This is easily the pass of the season so far.

The Wells Thompson Award (Worst Player of the Week) AND Josh Wolff Award (Worst Goal of the Week): I really hope Bouna Coundoul was bribed into throwing this game, because WOW. He cost New York at least a point. There was no way Chivas were going to score this game (or in any game) without something like this happening. This is turrible.

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Golden Boot Standings:


1. Edson Buddle        3GP 5G 0A

2. Sebastien Le Toux    2GP 3G 0A

3. Javier Morales        3GP 3G 0A

Zach Schilawski        3GP 3G 0A

5. Guillermo Barros Schelotto2GP 2G 1A

6. Brad Davis        3GP 2G 1A

7. Kei Kamara        2GP 2G 0A

8. Kenny Mansally        3GP 2G 0A

Omar Cummings        3GP 2G 0A

10. Ryan Smith        2GP 1G 2A


Undefeated Teams Left:




Kansas City


Dropped Off Last Week:

New York




If the Playoffs Started Today:


  1. LA 3-0-0 9 points (+5)

  2. Houston 1-1-1 4 points (-1) (Own head to head vs RSL)

  3. Salt Lake 1-1-1 4 points (+2)

  4. Seattle 1-1-1 4 points (+1)


  1. KC 2-0-0 6 points (+5)

  2. NE 2-1-0 6 points (+4)

  3. NY 2-1-0 6 points (0)

  4. Columbus 1-0-1 4 points (+2)


That is all for today. Join me Thursday for my MLS week 4 preview and picks.