>Tuesday Lunch: Mock Draft 1.5

Posted: March 30, 2010 in nfl
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    Hey guys, what’s up? I’ll just cut the small talk and cut right to the rest of my mock draft. Check it out:

  • 17. San Francisco 49ers – Earl Thomas FS, Texas
    • Thomas and USC’s Taylor Mays have fought all year for the position for second best safety, behind Eric Berry, and I believe Thomas has won. The Niners are a really good up and coming team, with a need of offensive line and youth/talent in the secondary. They already picked up a tackle four picks earlier, and now are addressing their defensive backs. Like Berry, Thomas is a bit undersized, but he has shown that he can play very well at a great football university (Texas). Unlike Mays (who had an off year last year), Thomas had a great season. He recorded eight interceptions and a forced fumble, as well as two defensive touchdowns. I believe that he can be the best safety that San Francisco has had since Ronnie Lott (doubt he’ll be as great as Lott, but I think he can be really good).
  • 18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Iupati OG, Idaho
    • Despite winning two of the last five Super Bowls, there has been a common theme amongst these teams: their offensive line SUCKS. While PacBen Roethlisberger is a scrambling quarterback and is probably the hardest to tackle, there is only so much that you can do. From the beginning of their first Super Bowl season, Big Ben has been sacked 212 times! That is insane! They have also had a revolving door along the line since All-Pro guard Alan Faneca ran away to New York. Iupati is by far the best guard prospect in this year’s draft, and this team sure needs one.
  • 19. Atlanta Falcons – Sean Witherspoon OLB, Missouri
    • Despite injuries to their franchise player, Matt Ryan, and leading rusher Michael Turner, the Falcons recorded their second straight winning season. However, they did not gain a playoff spot. Their linebacking corps could use a youthful addition. Witherspoon is just what they could use in their 4-3. Graham is probably a better prospect for a 3-4 OLB spot, but they need someone that can drop into coverage on occasion, which Witherspoon can do more effectively than DEs turned OLB rushers. They could also pickup Alabama CB Kareem Jackson here, which may be better value for them, but I like Witherspoon here.
  • 20. Houston Texans – Ryan Mathews RB, Fresno State
    • Some people have called Mathews the most interesting prospect in the draft. After his combine (where he ran a 4.37 40 time), he quickly caught the eye of the GMs and scouts across the league. Fortunately for Houston, they need a RB and this guy will be PERFECT for them. You may say “Oh Will, you are crazy! They have Steve Slaton! He’s the best around!” I thought so too, guys. BUT, after wasting my second pick in my fantasy draft on him, he was up there with the most disappointing sophomore seasons (see Matt Forté as well as Slaton‘s stats). He had, on average, a fumble every other game. Mathews is the real deal. No matter where ends up (except for maybe Oakland or Detroit, two cursed franchises) he will leave his imprint on the league very quickly.
  • 21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jermaine Gresham TE, Oklahoma
    • Carson Palmer will hardly be able to contain himself after this pick. Even though he has some quality targets (Ocho, Caldwell, etc.), he has never had a good tight end that can run routes. Well, enter Jermaine Gresham. As you may remember, two years ago Gresham was ridonculous for the Sooners, and was Bradford’s #1 option. However last year he was hurt, and did not play a single snap all season. He was the receiver of 14 touchdowns of Bradford’s 50. This Cincy offense will be even better if/when Gresham hits top form.
  • 22. New England Patriots – Brandon Graham DE/OLB, Michigan
    • I’m 99% pretty sure that if somehow Graham fell this far, Belichick MAY make a facial expression. Graham, like some of the others in this and every draft, has been a riser. Despite playing on a mediocre Michigan squad the last two years, he sacked the quarterback 20 times. Even though they played different positions, Suh only had 19 in that same span with two bowl games and a conference championship game, where Michigan only played 24 regular season games. I expect that Graham will be a big time talent in the NFL, and with an organization like New England, he will have every resource available to him to succeed.

  • 23. Green Bay Packers – Sergio Kindle OLB, Texas
    • Despite not having Aaron Kampman most of the year, the Green Bay defense was one of the best in the league. Clay Matthews was the young, bright spot in that lineup, while former Wolverine and Heisman winner Charles Woodson won Defensive Player of the Year. Kindle was a pass rushing MONSTER his last two years in Austin. Simple as that. He was the Colt McCoy of that defense. The only issue that he will have to overcome is switching to DE if for SOME REASON the Packers switch scheme with Dom Capers, which wouldn’t make any sense.
  • 24. Philadelphia Eagles – Everson Griffen DE, USC
    • The Eagles have a great talent in Trent Cole on one side of the line, and with a Jim Johnsonesque defense, the more pass rush that can be done without blitzing, the better it is. Griffen has some of the highest upside of any defender in this draft, and the Eagles could really use another pass rushing weapon. Griffen would be a quality pick here, but if any of the other DEs make it down to the Eagles, they would be fortunate and lucky. The Eagles have a very nice spot in this draft.
  • 25. Baltimore Ravens – Brian Price DT, UCLA
    • Price would be good for Baltimore to groom for two reasons. One, another inside presence with Haloti Ngata will free up Suggs and co. on the outside for rushing. Two, if Ngata decides to skip out after his contract expires, they will have someone to fill his place. I’m not trying to insinuate Price will be as good as Ngata, but it is possible. He recorded seven sacks during his last year in Westwood, and is a bigger fellow for his size (6’2″, 300 lbs). If Ozzie Newsome, one of the best minds in the NFL today, decides that Price isn’t right for him, he won’t be in Baltimore.
  • 26. Arizona Cardinals – Jerry Hughes OLB, TCU
    • Even though TCU had an amazing/well publicized season and Hughes produced, I see him as a sleeper in this draft. He would fit very well in Arizona. They lost Karlos Dansby to Miami, and Joey Porter can’t stay out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons, they have a need at linebacker. Arizona has continued to become more and more Pittsburgh West, so I don’t see any reason they would drift away from a zone blitzing scheme, where good pass rushing OLBs are needed. I think with Wisenhunt and his staff there, they can make Hughes a great player for their team.
  • 27. Dallas Cowboys – Charles Brown OT, USC
    • They may need not offensive line immediately, but with this going on, there’s only so much they can deal with Flozell. Brown was widely considered one of this best tackles in the country last year, making the all-Pac 10 team, and the All American Team by Sporting News. USC has produced good and bad tackles as of recent, but what school has had a steady stream of all good NFL players? I remember watching the USC/OSU game, and he was throwing the OSU defenders around like they were in Junior High. He has great strength, and a has a chance of becoming a good tackle.
      Despite that, Jahvid is a great player, and he looked VERY good in Indianapolis. He could be very good alongside AD.
  • 31. Indianapolis Colts – Maurkice Pouncey C, Florida
    • Even though they are the AFC Champions, the Colts cannot run the ball. At all. It was really embarrassing trying to watch Joseph Addai or Donald Brown run behind that awful line. So why not get the center who snapped the ball to perhaps the most prolific college player of the last 25 years. Pouncey is a decent to good quality prospect for center, but at worst, that would be a side-grade for the Colts. I think Pouncey’s brother, Mike, will be better when he leaves Florida next year, but Maurkice isn’t bad by any means.
  • 32. New Orleans Saints – Daryl Washington OLB, TCU
    • WHO DAT!?!? That’s right, the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION Saints… still weird to say, right? Right? Anyways, at the bottom of the first round, the Saints could go a number of ways. I see them picking up someone to replace Scott Fujita, who ran off to Cleveland for a nice contract. Nawlins is missing someone in their front seven, and Washington can join that squad. Both of the TCU guys are really good, and I think Hughes is better, but Washington is very good as well.

After looking at my draft, I had one thought: this was awful, probably NONE of this out of the top three will happen. Oh well, thank God I’m not getting paid for my mock draft skills. I’ll be back next week with something AWESOME (maybe not, but you’ll have to look to find out!)


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