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Posted: March 23, 2010 in nfl
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    Can anyone guess what the time in the title is of? Waiting. Waiting. Still waiting… Oh, what’s that? Yes you are right! It’s the amount of time from when I first started writing to the beginning of the 2010 NFL Draft! Woooooooooooooooo! I am so excited, as I know all of you are.

    Oh? It won’t be as good this year? You’re probably right, as the original timeslot for the draft made it an unofficial holiday for us NFLers (Saturday morning, then to Saturday afternoon, then ending on Sunday). But this year? It’s a three day extravaganza, starting on Thursday during east coast primetime, and ending on Saturday. But hey, I’ll still enjoy it. Hopefully, I don’t have class (which I may, sadly) on the first day, but I’ll do my best to catch it. Since we’re talking about this great event, I think I will do my first mock draft (part one)! After I complete my next part for next week, I’ll update it as needed and have it at the bottom of my post in two weeks in its entirety. My firsthand knowledge of the prospects is obviously nonexistent, but hey I have a blog, and you don’t (most likely). So DEAL WITH IT. Ok, on the clock now…

  • 1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma
    • A shocker! A quarterback going #1 overall? Madness! Ok well maybe not so much, but the Rams definitely need a franchise quarterback. If Spagnuolo thinks Bradford is his man does not have any major aftereffects from shoulder surgery, then the Rams can justify paying a crap ton of guaranteed money to one player when they need so many. I among many other people believe that Ndamukong Suh is the overall best player in this draft, however, it’s harder to justify paying $15 million a year to a defensive lineman than it is to a field general. Despite being a Sooner, I hope and believe Bradford will be very successful in the NFL in St. Louis, or wherever he ends up (or Washington).
  • 2. Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh DT, Nebraska
    • The surprise of the draft is if this Senior falls past number three at Tampa, as him or Gerald McCoy (DT Oklahoma) are considered very close talent wise. McCoy had a down year but was still very productive, but Suh was just flat out the most dominant, best player in the country last season. He sacked fellow Heisman candidate Colt McCoy four and a half times when they met in they met in the Big 12 Championship game. It’s not his fault that his offense BLEW, and got very unlucky with that McCoy pass going out of bounds, and keeping one second on the clock. I expect Suh to make a very nice impact to Jim Schwartz’s defense, who produced godly numbers for fellow DT, Albert Haynesworth. I like Suh to be a perennial Pro Bowler, even though he’s in Detroit.
  • 3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy DT, Oklahoma
    • Like I said in the previous paragraph, the Bucs will pick up either Suh or McCoy, whoever doesn’t go to Motown. McCoy had a very successful career in Norman, and will help out a horrific Tampa team on defense, but only minimally this upcoming year. I do not like what I’ve seen out of young headman Raheem Morris to do much of anything good. That defense is bad and will only marginally get better until it gets a better overhaul then it has gotten. McCoy will be a star in the league, just not as fast as Suh if he ends up in Tampa.
  • 4. Washington Redskins – Russell Okung OT, Oklahoma State
    • Now right here is where the draft starts to get interesting. Many people believe that Clausen will not get out of the top four, but some people think that he will be picked up in the second round. This round is very deep, and I don’t think that Shanahan will pick up Clausen without improving the porous offensive line. I mean, if they have someone on their roster that shares my name, I don’t think they are in good shape. Okung is the clear-cut number one tackle on the draft board, and coincidentally, the ‘skins need help on the offensive line! It’s a match made in heaven (not as good as Marshall/Lily, but close)! Okung had a relatively quiet combine, but did better overall than the other tackles, and kept him ahead of the others in terms of best tackle in the draft. He’ll get picked up here.
  • 5. Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Berry S, Tennessee
    • I originally had Iowa tackle Bryan Bulaga at this spot, but then I looked the safeties they had on roster, and they all sucked. Plus, the Chiefs just signed G Ryan Lilja, so their line is better(ish). Berry is the premier playmaker in the secondary this draft. I believe Mel Kiper Jr. has him as his best player on the board, but I could be wrong. Berry was phenomenal last year despite playing for a major doucher in Lane Kiffin, but that’s beside the point. The Chiefs have a sever need for help in the last line of defense, and this guy is one of the best on the board (or well, in my scenario, THE best). Despite being undersized, Berry is a phenomenal athlete and should be great for whatever team he ends up on (hopefully not in the AFC West).
  • 6. Seattle Seahawks – Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa
    • Seattle is on the clock, and they need a playmaker, BUT, they can wait on CJ Spiller. They do need to fix up their line. Former great Walter Jones is going to retire soon, and they need to add some youth to that line to even consider helping a playmaker succeed in Pete Carroll’s offense. Hasselbeck is also gaining age, but since they acquired Charlie Whitehurst, their quarterback situation is presumably solved. Bulaga has been climbing up draft boards, and I expect Carroll to go with this big guy from the Big 10. Be careful though, while Bulaga looks like a sure thing, he may turn out as well as former Hawkeye, Robert Gallery. Buyer beware.
  • 7. Cleveland Browns – Joe Haden CB, Florida
    • Haden comes off the board here as the first corner, even though he had a rough combine. He ran a bad 40 at the combine, but has shown that he has the best skills in his game tape. The Brownies have made multiple changes this offseason with the new brain trust in the front office (Holmgren and Co.), they need to improve the secondary. If Berry were here, I think Holmgren would have snatched him up in two seconds. But their secondary is terrible, and they need some instant help.
  • 8. Oakland Raiders – Bruce Campbell OT, Maryland
    • Raiders need offensive line help. Al Davis likes freakishly good athletes. Bruce Campbell ran a 4.8 40. Therefore, Al Davis drafts Bruce Campbell.
  • 9. Buffalo Bills – Trent Williams OT, Oklahoma
    • Three Sooners will be drafted in the first round this year. Craziness! Williams has also been climbing up draft boards in the league due to his solid workouts and will also be the fourth offensive linemen picked up this round. The Bills dealt Jason Peters last year, so they obviously need help on the line. Also, they have two number one backs in Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, so any help up front, the better they would be.
  • 10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Derrick Morgan DE/LB, Georgia Tech
    • So even though Jacksonville used two first round picks on “future elite pass rushers,” they have not panned out. Surprising, right? Morgan was a beast last year in Georgia Tech, and may end up as the best DE out of this draft. So either he can help keep the Jags in Florida, or at least give them some good PR for when they move to LA.
  • 11. Denver Broncos – Kyle Wilson CB, Boise State
    • This is a very optimistic pick for my Broncos. I really hope that McDaniels and Xanders make a smart pick by picking someone to help out the aging secondary. I really hope that they either take Wilson or Texas FS Earl Thomas. This is, however, assuming that Brandon Marshall is not traded. Even though there have been upgrades to the defense, the secondary is still old. Bailey and Dawkins are aging, and they won’t be getting younger. Wilson has done nothing but looked better and better for scouts and teams, and he may not last long past Denver if he is passed up at the 12 spot.
  • 12. Miami Dolphins – Dan Williams DT, Tennessee
    • The interior line of Miami has been lacking recently, and Williams can fill that spot. Parcells has always had a special place in his (cold) heart for big, strong players, and the 6’3″ 327 lb Williams could fill that void. It’s getting late right now, so I will keep my explanations shorter and shorter.
  • 13. San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers
    • There have been varying concerns about Anthony Davis playing ability, and has also looked worse in game tape. However, he is still a great talent that would fit in with the Niners. Despite having an unsure decision at their quarterback decision, Gore and Coffee are a nice one-two punch for them and Crabtree looked great in his brief time last year.
  • 14. Seattle Seahawks – CJ Spiller RB, Clemson
    • As I stated earlier, Seattle needs a playmaker, and Spiller is a perfect fit for that role. Pete Carroll made Reggie Bush look like a #1 pick candidate(riiiiiiiight). Spiller lived up to the hype at his workouts, and will be very, VERY good at the next level. Man I need to sleep…
  • 15. New York Giants – Rolando McClain MLB, Alabama
    • The Giants cut captain Antonio Pierce, and now have a gaping hole at Mike. Despite relatively still and a lower motor than some recent first round middle linebackers, McClain is the best in the draft. This seems like a pretty good fit.
  • 16. Tennessee Titans – Jason Pierre-Paul DE, South Florida
    • Pierre-Paul had a good combine and great workouts, but only played one season at South Florida. He may very well end up as another edge rushing bust (i.e. the other two pass rushers the Jags have). I do hope Pierre-Paul is successful. The Titans lost Kyle Vanden Bosch, and need a new outside rusher, and I think they will take DLine at this spot.

I was planning on doing the entire first round tonight, but since I procrastinated and I am getting very tired, I don’t feel like staying up until 4:30. So NEXT time, I will have the rest of the first round.

  1. Russell says:

    >Cowboys finna lock up Taylor Mays fo sho, then draft some boss ass OL, cool thing is we dont NEED any position at all…Cowboys gonna be the first team to play AND win the SB in their home stadium next year

  2. >LOL there is a player named Bruce Campbell

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