>Thursday Lunch: Game took hold like the roots of a tree, think soccer ain’t a sport then why’d Nike sign me?

Posted: March 11, 2010 in top 10
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>   Not a lot to talk about today so it will pretty much be two things and then my top ten list, I mean what am I gonna do, talk about champions league? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH as if. Madrid is TERRIBLE. MOVING ON.

   He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack (soon). Clint Dempsey is traveling with Fulham for their Europa League away game. He likely won’t play but this is great news nonetheless.

   DaMarcus Beasley went 90 and Edu got in a solid 22 in Ranger’s 2-0 win Tuesday. Rangers went 13 points ahead of Celtic. I’m not sure why they are still playing SPL games this year.

   Now I know it’s going to be hard to top last week’s top ten list, but I’ll try. This week we have my top 10 favorite USMNT goals of all time. Before I present the list however, I must inform you of the criteria this list is based on.

•   Only Men’s senior goals were counted. No youth goals.
•   The goals weren’t just weighted on quality but also on how important the goal was (game winners are nice), the competition it was played in (Kljestan’s goal against the Sweden Z team is thrown out with this criteria), and the level of opposition (goals against Mexico were given the most points by default even though they suck).
•   I’m only considering goals that have come in my USMNT watching career so any goal before Eddie Johnson’s header in Trinidad in 2005 won’t be considered.

If you don’t like the criteria, you can blow me. Actually, you can blow me anyways provided you are as hot as this.

11.   (Yes, this top 10 list has 11 goals. Cry about it) Stuart Holden vs. Haiti (2-2) 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup Group B 7/8/09 – This was my last cut, but I soon realized that I couldn’t leave this wonder goal off. Despite this being against such a week opponent any strike this sublime from this far out this late in the game will make my list.

That will be all from me today. There have been some great goals over the last five years and hopefully more will be coming this summer. Join me on Monday when I will be talking about Landon’s last Everton game and Jozy when he scores his BRACE against Arsenal this weekend.


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