>Tuesday Lunch: So THAT Happened…

Posted: March 9, 2010 in nfl
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   There’s PLENTY of news that came with this last weekend, being the first few days of uncapped NFL free agency, but I have a few combine thoughts I would like to discuss. I’m sorry it’s belated, but bear with me. Please.

  • Ndamukong Suh cemented his status as the number one player in this draft class. Unquestionably. Suh completed 32 reps on the bench press, 35.5″ vertical jump and ran a respectable (approximately) 4.98 40 yard dash. In every important category, Suh bested fellow Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy. Most already had Suh at the top of their boards, and that has not changed after the combine.
  • Clemson receiver Jacoby Ford showed up and burnt up the rubber in Indianapolis. He ran the fastest 40 at the 2010 combine, completing it in JUST 4.29 seconds. Being a small receiver, Ford needed a good 40 time to help his draft stock. No doubt this helped him out, and will have him selected no later than the second day of the draft. I mean, SOMEONE will be looking for a guy who is fast, regardless of who else is on the board and what the team needs. Who could I be talking about, I wonder…
  • Jahvid Best showed no signs of rust. The junior from Cal ran a running back high 4.35 40 time, with Clemson’s CJ Spiller right behind him at 4.37. Heisman finalist and bruiser Toby Gerhart ran in the 4.5s, which was very good for someone of his size. This class is stock full of solid players, running back included. My not-so-bold-but-could-be-bold prediction: a new starting running back will be selected in the third round or after, and will make an impact for his team in the 2010-11 season. I am personally happy that Best put on a good show at the combine, especially after this gruesome moment:


He fractured HIS FACE, and played two weeks later with screws in there. I just have to give it up for this guy. But this finally (and by finally I mean since the inception of the Ravens) gives the Ravens a true number one receiver for the new franchise quarterback, Joe Flacco.

  • Brandon Marshall has been quite the busy man. Marshall reportedly visited Seattle this last weekend, and is also on the Bengal’s radar, despite talking with former Tampa Bay Buc, Antonio Bryant. Sure, Marshall has had his trouble in the pats, and is off and on beefing with Mickey D, but he is a GREAT receiver. If you think I’m biased, just check out his numbers from the last three years. They are top five in the league worthy. Former GM turned football write Michael Lombardi posted that Denver will take no less than a first rounder for the services of Brandon Marshall. They will also NOT, reportedly, take a trade for him, but only a signed offer sheet. If a sheet is signed, hopefully McDaniels and GM Brian Xanders can borrow Belichick’s Blackberry to call this guy up for a one sided trade (sorry Dylan, I had to).
  • Panther fans, horrible memory of the 2009 postseason/regular season Jake Delhomme will be eased a little bit. John Fox and the high brass in Charlotte cut the recently suffering quarterback. Delhomme is the only quarterback in Panther history (not even 20 years) to lead them to a Super Bowl, but was stopped by future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, and the leg of Adam Vinatieri. Delhomme’s tenure was mostly successful, except for his horrible showing last year. Cousin Sal, a frequent visitor on the podcast The BS Report with Bill Simmons on ESPN.com, stated that watching Jake Delhomme go for his fourth interception was one of the marvels in the sport last year. It was literally a train wreck following that dismantling Arizona did in Carolina against them. I wish the best for Delhomme, who seems like a nice enough guy, and his successor, Matt Moore.

   I think that’s all I am going to cover this week. I have a shit ton of homework and studying that I have to pretend that I am doing, and have three finals over two days next week. Next week’s column will quickly touch on the actions of the last seven days in the NFL, as well as me talking on something random in my football fandom history. To be determined…


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