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>   Today’s post will be a shorter one because I have to study for my Humanities test tomorrow……………………………..Wow I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. Insert your best segue way here.

Weekend Recap:

   DaMarcus Beasley starts and plays 64 minutes and Maurice Edu plays the last 26 in a 3-1 Rangers win over the St. Mirren Andy Dormans. It is great to see both of them play; Rangers are still 10 points clear of Celtic with a game in hand. I set my alarm to 7:00am on Saturday to wake up and watch this one. When my alarm woke me up, I remembered that I could either watch Rangers play a team that wasn’t Celtic or go back to sleep. Needless to say I came to my senses and went back to sleep. The SPL is that boring.

   Herculez Gomez scored in the 4th straight game for Puebla, in a 4-1 loss against Pumas. I was actually impressed to hear this until I watched the goal. Every time someone talks about how the Mexican league is better than MLS; you should just show him this clip. I’m fairly sure that if anyone on the field were taller than 5 feet they could easily have gotten the ball. I mean do they even try in Mexico? Please do not call this man up. He is terrible.

   Now about Jozy. What was Phil Brown doing not starting the young man? Zaki never looked like doing anything and neither did most of the other Hull players either. It was only once they brought Jozy on that they started getting any real possession. I don’t know what Jozy has to do to get playing time because no one on Hull is scoring but at least he is keeping possession. I must commend Altidore’s maturity on this by not sulking or pouting or speaking out against his coach a la Freddy Adu. Hopefully he can bag a few more before the season is over and perhaps earn a move to a more talented side.

Unfortunately that is all from me for today. Look for a longer article on Thursday about God knows what (with Stuart Holden out I have nothing to talk about) and my top 10 favorite USMNT goals of all time with video (hopefully).


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